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What's New for September 2002

Monday, September 30:

Added a note to the Concert Chronology about Ed's appearance at Bruce Springsteen's Chicago show this week, plus a link to a sound file. [Special thanks to RMAS and the AOL Bruce board for a quick heads up even before it even happened! Due to server maintenance, no update could be noted until today.]

Wednesday, September 25:

Updated the Concert Chronology with setlist/notes for PJ's opening for The Who in Chicago. [Thanks to everyone who sent notes/info.]

Thursday, September 19:

Updated the Concert Chronology with notes for yesterday's K-ROCK interview.

Thanks to all who wrote such kind messages about the plans to discontinue most of 5h. Your thoughtful comments are much appreciated :) Thank you!

Friday, September 13:

Around the bend:
When Five Horizons launched six years ago out of the foolish dreams and hopes of a bunch of crazy Pearl Jam fans, things were much different. There were very few PJ sites, and the ones that existed were not maintained. There were no official sites.

5h's mission has always been to provide unique content to PJ fans. It has become more and more difficult to remain true to that goal. There are plenty of PJ sites out there now, many of whom provide discographies, articles, mp3s, news and photos.

Out of respect for Pearl Jam, 5h has always maintained a policy of not reporting on rumors, gossip or idle chit chat. The fact that we always tried to maintain integrity in our reportage allowed us to build a great network of informants (the infamous "PJ Rebel Alliance," thank you all!), who respected our work and understood what we were trying to do (and, more importantly, what we weren't trying to do).

However, lately it's gotten a little too hard to figure out what is and isn't permitted, and there's no point in just repeating the same content or information that's mirrored on other web sites, whether official or unofficial. Additionally, while two people ran 5h from 1997 until a few months ago, right now there is only one person maintaining the site.

So what do we do as new album and tour time approaches? Well, we know that the Concert Chronology is the thing that everyone really cares about on 5h. And, so far, it's the one thing we have to offer that's still truly unique.

Effective today, all updates to 5h will cease except updates to the Concert Chronology. All other sections will be frozen as they are now but will remain online as a resource. The Concert Chronology remains a living document and will continue to be maintained.

It's been a wild six years. It didn't turn out like we planned it, but nothing ever does. Thanks to all of you for your continued support.

So what does this mean, really?

Thursday, September 12:

Full tracklisting plus how to hear the single after midnight tonight in News.

Wednesday, September 11:

New album has a title: in News.

Tuesday, September 10:
Five Horizons turns six

First things first ... major THANKS to every single person who has sent in a contribution to the site. In addition, much appreciation to everyone who has sent a note of support or encouragement. Your messages are never taken for granted. They often seem to arrive at the lowest times and are always treasured.

Now for the site update: check out the Photo of the Moment :)

Correction to the video director information in News. [Sorry and many thanks to Lisa Connelly!]

Monday, September 9:

More video SCOOP!!! Guess who's directing PJ's video shoot? See News. [Thanks to the PJ Rebel Alliance.]

Additions to the Memorabilia sections:

Saturday, September 7:

The scoop about a Pearl Jam video and rumored show ... in News. [Thanks to the Rebel Alliance and the usual suspects.]

Friday, September 6:

"I Am Mine"/"Down" single artwork revealed in the Rumor Pit update.

Wednesday, September 4:

Brad tour dates announced: see Stone's section in Side Projects.


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