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What's New for April 1999

Wednesday, April 28:
Just under the wire: a new Song X.

Exciting news about the "Last Kiss" single!

Tuesday, April 27:
TFC ticket sales info. In News. [Thanks to Jessica!]
Saturday, April 24:
Finally, some Three Fish info! In News.

You may have noticed the little "MindIt!" box on the main page. Since we're in a slow news period, people have mentioned that they're missing news updates. If you click on the button and enter your email address, you will get daily (or weekly) email notification when 5h makes a change. PLEASE NOTE: the email notification is *not* instantaneous, but you may find this useful - let us know.

Friday, April 16:
TFC News update: Sorry, in our haste to get the news to you fast, we neglected to find out whether or not is up and running (it's not). We've updated the link in News - check out the Milarepa site at, but as all of this took place just a few hours ago, there may not be updated info there. But, we swear, this information came straight from Adam Yauch's mouth. =)

BIG HUGE IMPORTANT NEWS ABOUT THE TFC!!!: in News. [Thanks to Jessica Letkemann who ROCKS our world big time]

Sunday, April 11:
place/date commercial release: in News. [You can also advance order the book from the News story!]
Monday, April 5:
Happy Birthday, Mike McCready!
A new Featured Photo of The Moment in honor of Mike's birthday.
Sunday, April 4:
Two new articles added to the Articles Archive, one of which is a transcript (or maybe 'translation' is a better word? :)) of Ed's article in the new ten club newsletter. (More than one person complained they couldn't read his handwriting, and we thought the sentiment expressed was important enough to archive.) Don't read it if you want to be surprised when you get yours!
Saturday, April 3:
Added a link to an edited version of the Cameron chat, and some more information about those wonderful News. [Thanks to Ryan Parks]
Thursday, April 1:
Ten Club newsletter arrives!: In News.

PJ Makes Drummer Announcement: In News. [Thanks to Pete Johnson]

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