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What's New for September 1999

Wednesday, September 29:
Ed & C Average Strike again. In News.
Wednesday, September 22:
As usual, you guys are the best. More information added to the Guide to Bridge '99, including parking details and public transportation info, and some answers to your frequently asked questions. [Special thanks to Matt Hale and Sam Suleman]
Tuesday, September 21:
Well, it's not quite "Going Mobile" from last summer, but for all of you California-bound travellers, we hope that our Guide to Bridge '99 will be helpful in your journeys and planning.
Thursday, September 16:
Reviews of the 1999 videos are now in place in the video guide, including Ed's TFC99 appearance and Pete and Ed on The Late Show.

Also, corrected setlist for the 7/29/99 House of Blues appearance ("'Til The Rivers All Run Dry" was missing). Thanks to all who pointed this out. We have many other concert chronology additions to make and appreciate everyone's contributions. We have saved them and will modify as time permits (and it hasn't been permitting a lot lately).
Monday, September 13:
We've added something special to reflect back on the past three years of Five Horizons :)
Saturday, September 11:
More on the Bridge School Benefit: in News.
Thursday, September 9:
Bridge lineup and ticket prices: now added to News.

Also in News: EV on the cover of the next Rolling Stone (for those who don't know this already).

Stay tuned for the gala 5h 3rd Birthday celebration - yes, it should be tomorrow, but look for it on Monday!

SOTM Note: For those of you trying to download last month's SOTM, there's a server problem and it's downloading as a movie file and not a sound file. We're working on fixing this.

Wednesday, September 8:
Bridge School Benefit tickets on sale this weekend: in News. [Thanks to Jared Kelly]

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