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What's New for December 2001

Wednesday, December 12:

An update on the Groundwork 2001 archived video footage, in News.

U.S. release date for the Neil Finn 7 Worlds Collide CD and DVD in Side Project Updates.

And a new Billboard article, with Stone again confirming PJ's return to the studio after the first of the year.

We don't know anything about this year's fan club single and will be happy and excited to get it when it arrives. Everyone likes surprises!

And with that, we are going on break for the next few weeks. This year has been difficult for everyone. More than ever, we need some time to reflect and enjoy the holidays with family and friends. Please do not expect any updates to the site during this time, nor will we be responding to email. Email with additions or corrections to the site will be saved and filed for when we return. We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday and new year!

Tuesday, December 4:

A bunch of Side Project updates and reminders for Mike and Ed including some news about the Ramones tribute you haven't seen anywhere else.... [Thanks to the newest member of the Rebel Alliance]

SNL rumor has been debunked. There was no announcement; Ed was allegedly asked, but declined. Sorry gang.

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