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What's New for February 1997

Thursday, February 27, 1997
Finally!! The photos from last week's pool tournament are now up. Check the News page if you're interested. (Warning: these are hardly Charles Peterson originals, but you get the basic idea).
Wednesday, February 26, 1997
Added a scan of the '96 Amsterdam poster to the memorabilia page
Sunday, February 23, 1997
Minor updates to the 1996 video guide. No new reviews this time, just some info on what has surfaced recently and what reviews you can expect in the near future...
Friday, February 21, 1997
"A compliment for us, is a compliment for you..." Everybody's favorite scene from the movie "Singles" is now available as an MPEG in our Multimedia section. [Special thanks to Geoff Kleemola, MPEG master]

If you're looking for the photos from Mike at the pool tournament, they're not back yet. Right now, they probably won't go up until the middle of next week...

Tuesday, February 18, 1997
Mike McCready, Pool Shark!: Mike's pool playing is improving but Jerry Cantrell can still whoop his butt. Find out more, along with an update as to his most recent hair color, in our News section. (We will have photos of this up by the end of the week.)
Monday, February 17, 1997
Finally! It's here! The brand-new Song of the Month... which also happens to tie into our Rant of the Month!

By popular request, this month's SotM is -- "Dead Man," both the studio version from the b-side of "Off He Goes" as well as the *live* version from San Jose 11/4/95. Enjoy!

Sunday, February 16, 1997
Corrected setlists and added notes to 10/24 Cork and 11/15 Prague shows in the 1996 concert chronology. (Check out the soundbyte of Mike adding some Led Zeppelin riffs onto the end of "Alive" at the Prague concert.)
Monday, February 10, 1997
Two nice poster additions for the memorabilia page: Updates to the concert chronology:
  • added links to the two tour posters listed above
  • added a notation that Soundgarden was the act PJ supported at the Houston and Dallas shows in 1992 (we're still looking for setlists for these shows)
  • added rather interesting notes about the 8/17/93 Ottawa show [courtesy of Christopher Finlay, who was there]
  • added 'Young Man Blues' as the 'Daughter' outtro for the 11/3/93 San Diego show [submitted by Colin Cushing]
  • added the encore break to the 3/17/94 West Lafayette setlist [thanks to Joe Berkemeier]
    1996 (European leg)
  • added link to the Budapest ticket scan
  • corrected 11/21/96 Barcelona soundcheck
  • Tuesday, February 4, 1997
    Added scan of ticket stub from 11/17/96 Budapest show to the memorabilia page [many thanks to Ignasi Renom and Juan Garcia]
    Monday, February 3, 1997
    Replaced original Madrid 2/15/92 ticket scan with color scan, linking from 1992 concert chronology and memorabilia section. [Again, thanks to Josema Alonso.]
    Sunday, February 2, 1997
    Added a review of 9/22/96 Toledo to the 1996 video guide and redid the captures for 10/28/96 London. Also, due to occasional e-mails that take issue with the videos chosen for the top ten I have revised this page to explain why I choose some vids over others. I did add a second "honorable mention" to acknowledge a video that some of you out there have campaigned hard for. ;)
    Saturday, February 1, 1997
    Corrected setlist and added notes for 11/1/96 Warsaw show to the 1996 concert chronology.

    Made one more correction to the bands and play order of the 7/13/91 NYC show in the 1991 concert chronology. [Thanks again to Leo Cailleteau.]

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