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[Pearl Jam / Five Horizons Concert Chronology]

The Five Horizons Concert Chronology
updated: August 3, 2005

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Update: Although the CC content remains in place as an archive on Five Horizons, all updates, corrections and such will be found on TwoFeetThick at . That is where to go if you are looking for shows after 2004.

The Concert Chronology is an ongoing study of Pearl Jam tours, performances and appearances with an interesting history of its own:


The starting point of this work was the text-based tourbook that Caleb maintained. The tourbook was a listing of show dates with descriptions gleaned from the now defunct fanzine, Release with updates from the online community. As Caleb became too busy with school to continue with the tourbook, he ceased updating it beyond the 1995 tour. This coincided with the conception of Five Horizons and with his blessing, the tourbook formed the starting point for the Five Horizons Concert Chronology. We listened to shows in our own tape libraries and kept notes, searched every media source (including the print 'zines Footsteps, Dissident and Tickle My Nausea), worked with the taping community and solicited firsthand reviews. The more we studied, the more discrepancies we discovered in early documentation. Additions and corrections to setlists, dates, venues and opening acts were put in place. Long show descriptions were edited down to more succinct "notes" to help people distinguish one show from another.

After nine months of research and fine-tuning, the Concert Chronology went live when Five Horizons surfaced in September 1996, just before the No Code tour launched. Thousands of corrections and additions have been submitted by fans and verified over the past five years. Some of the most interesting updates are lost shows that have been "found" from the early days. It is an ongoing, evolving research document.

Every effort was made to put setlists and notes online very quickly after a show has ended. This meant lining up volunteers in advance to write down setlists, being available to receive long distance phone calls at ridiculous hours, skipping after-show gatherings to put updates online and similar sacrifices that were made freely because this is a labour of love.


Brief comments about each show are included with occasional links to more detailed reviews, often including photos. The Concert Chronology also includes links to articles, unique ticket scans, tour posters and occasional soundbytes of interest. Poster and ticket stub scans can also be found in the Memorabilia section. Shows and appearances tagged with this icon: [video guide] mean that it was videotaped and is circulating among the trading community.


5h does not buy, collect or possess information about bootleg CDs and feel they are quite unreliable for a number of reasons. See Why Bootlegs Suck for more info on this. Therefore, questions about boot CDs will not be answered. 5h does support trading tapes of shows. Additionally, PJ does allow for audience taping. If you want to learn more, you might be interested in Advice for Aspiring Tapers.

Every show from the 2000 and 2003 tours was professionally recorded by the band and can be purchased. These are the "official bootlegs" which 5h enthusiastically endorses!

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The fact that a show is listed here does not necessarily mean that 5h possesses it. Please do not write to ask for copies of these shows. To learn more about trading, visit the 5h Guide to Tape Trading. There are many resources for trading available, particularly for online fans. 5h encourages everyone to trade and share show tapes. To learn if a particular show was taped, check the excellent Hard To Imagine. Have fun sharing.

sellers beware!

NOTE TO ONLINE AUCTION SELLERS: If you excerpt, quote, or otherwise reference Five Horizons in your online auction of live tapes or CDs, your auction will disappear. It's a copyright violation. You do not have permission to use 5h content to sell your items. You have been warned.