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What's New for March 2000

Thursday, March 30:

MAJOR SPOILER ALERT: We have the tracklisting for the new album. Don't go to News if you are in new album blackout. [Thanks. You know who.]

Tuesday, March 28:

New album artwork: in News. [Thanks to Jeff Selby and Doug Keegan for the Hubble link].

Tickets for the Werchter Festival are now on sale, making it the last European show for which we needed ticket information. In Going Mobile 2000. [Thanks to: alex sariban, Jan Liekens, Eric Lemmens]

Monday, March 27:

Some random tidbits that don't rate full news stories:
  • ten club ticket forms sent out: they're out there. There is NO REASON TO PANIC if you haven't gotten yours yet. The Ten Club has specifically issued a plea asking people to not write them unless it is a matter of life and death as they are drowning in mail right now.

    The deadline to return the forms is April 28. No, the venues are not on the form. Why? We don't know, but the common assumption is that they just aren't finalized yet. Yes, you have to send payment with your ticket order; this is different than what recently happened in Europe but has been standard practice for the U.S.

    A final note re: the ticket forms: don't send us mail telling us "oh I lost my form" or "I didn't send a change of address" or "the dog ate it". We cannot and will not scan it and make it available or email it to you. In any event, in previous years, non-fan club members who have 'borrowed' a form and tried to use it to get tickets have found that they have forfeited their money and not gotten any tickets.

    The cutoff date for joining the fan club (as we, and they, warned) was March 15, so you cannot join now and get tickets for this tour.

  • radio date for single: According to our sources, this has now changed and there is no firm date for the single to radio. This can, of course, change at any time and is likely to. (For what it's worth, we're also told that the in-store date of the single has been pushed back and it is no longer 4/11, more like 5/2, but this can also change.)

    Yes, other radio stations are now playing the Bridge mp3 and acting all mysterious. Yes, they suck. Turn it off and put on a record. :-)

Saturday, March 25:

More opening band News [Thanks to Peter Trahms!].

Tuesday, March 21:

Reason 435,321 that rock radio SUCKS: In case you have heard a rumor that a radio station in St. Louis (whom we will not give free publicity to by mentioning who they are) is playing the new single, it is absolutely NOT true.

These idiots have downloaded and recorded a mp3 from Bridge and have the audacity to have tagged the song audibly as "exclusive" to the station (when it's the work of some hardworking PJ fans, who taped, encoded and posted the file - which of course they don't give credit to in their LAME attempt to be cutting edge).

[Last we heard, the single is supposed to go out to radio on or about March 29th.]

Opening band for late European dates announced in News [Thanks to Billboard].

With so many questions about "binaural" ("What is it? How is it different? How do you pronounce it?) we were so happy when Ryan Olszewski, PJ fan and one who knows his stuff about recording arts, stepped forward and offered to author an article for 5h. His informative piece is the newest addition to our Shoes for my Friends section: A Beginner's Guide to Binaural Recording. [A BIG thanks to Ryan!]

Monday, March 20:

Yes, a warm-up show in Vancouver is confirmed ... in News [with a big shout out to Joe Muise who kindly emailed this to us after hearing it on CFOX in Vancouver this morning].

Sunday, March 19:

Okay, the new tour dates are now in On The Road. Yes, we will create a Going Mobile for the North American dates once we actually have something to put into it.
Friday, March 17:
U.S. TOUR DATES ANNOUNCED: We will add these to 5h later, but for now you can view them in the latest issue of The Rumor Pit.

Wednesday, March 15:

8:15pm: Corrected some tour stuffs in Going Mobile 2000 [Rotterdam, Budapest, Lisbon, others] and added the single info via the Rumor Pit in News. [Thanks to: Laurie Hester, joćo bacelar de vasconcelos, Alex, Joao Brites, Giuseppe Inrao, Arie-Jan Bakker, Joćo Silva, Tjeerd van Dijk]

10:15am:BIG HUGE IMPORTANT EXCITING NEW ALBUM NEWS!: Don't read if you want to be completely surprised. In News. [Props to the Rebel Alliance! Death or glory!]

Sunday, March 12:

Going Mobile 2000 updates; Verona tickets and map, confirmation about the Paris ticket situation (finally!), other notes. [Thanks to: Patrice Guino, David Lapage, Clark Jennings, Ben Wallis, Paul Hudson, Markus Mitterhofer]

Friday, March 10:
Happy Birthday, Jeff Ament!

Bass player extraordinare Jeff is the focus of our new Photo of the Moment.

Minor update on Milan tickets (link to a site apparently selling tickets with English instructions) in Going Mobile 2000.

Wednesday, March 8:

We've added a very unique poster for PJ's 7/10/91 Boston show by artist Joey Mars to our memorabilia section. Finding this also provides a solid date for that show, as well as telling us what other bands played that night. [Thanks to Allen Robertson for pointing this out.]

Tuesday, March 7:

Spanish tickets are on sale NOW. Apparently Nurnberg is also on sale. Link is here: Going Mobile 2000

Also a note about the Oslo tickets ... you may need to re-order if you ordered the last week of February. Go to the Oslo listing in Going Mobile 2000 [Thanks to: Pekka Lahti and Jill L. Creedon]

Monday, March 6:

Apparently the Spanish tickets did NOT go on sale today as expected. Please just keep an eye on the web site ... we're all in the same boat here. Everything we know goes here: Going Mobile 2000

Sunday, March 5:

We're hearing that the Paris venue may remain Le Zenith although officially it has been moved to Bercy. We don't know and thanks to everyone that's written about this but in the end, isn't it just cool that they're touring? :) Stay tuned to Going Mobile 2000.

Wednesday, March 1:

See Going Mobile 2000: the Dublin tickets are on sale now, and a great local PJ site for Portugal. [Thanks to: Josema Alonso, Christina Bernard, José Manuel, Rodrigo Lourenco, Dawn Walsh, Fabien Poinsard, Mike Baker]

Quizlet results:

Q: Are you going to see PJ in Europe?
(of 4965 respondents)
21%   Yes, definitely!
9%   Maybe, I'm trying.
58%   I would go if I could afford it.
6%   Not interested in going, I'll wait.
6%   No, and I'm tired of hearing about it.

FINALLY... Song of the Month has been delayed due to factors absolutely beyond our control. It *will* be up next month, we promise. (Really. We mean it.)

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