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What's New for March 1998

Tuesday, March 31, 1998:
PJ To Play TFC, "Wishlist" b-side: the new Rumor Pit confirms both of these. In News.

Boston and Dallas: Updated information on these ticket sales in Going Mobile. [Thanks to Matt Pfeffer and Shaun Hickson]

Ticket info: Full details for the Albuquerque sale; there's also an 8-ticket limit for the Missoula show, which is gonna guarantee that more scalpers than fans get tickets. Sheesh. Also, if you're buying Philly tickets, go check out the entry to see our advice about a possible second date being added. In Going Mobile. [Thanks to Jett and Chris Doerr]

Check out Caryn's tale about her trek to the DMW concert (with photos).

Monday, March 30, 1998:
On-Sale Dates Announced: In Going Mobile. [Thanks to Patrick Tremaglio, Brian Gebhardt, Ryan Chalberg, Chris Sieling, Daniel Cavazos, Amy, FC416, Adam Polson]

Regarding the third LA date, we've taken it off the calendar because it is not definite at this time; the LA tickets didn't sell as fast as expected, so they're re-evaluating whether to add that date, another additional CA date, or perhaps another San Diego date if needed. When we know, we'll post.

As for the second Seattle date, well, that's been in the Seattle entry for quite some time; it's just not on the calendar because it hasn't been announced and it will probably be based on demand for the first show.

Setlist and notes from last night's DMW show are in the Concert Chronology. Look for a longer review and photos later tonight (if Caryn doesn't fall asleep at her desk after catching a 6:30am flight home from LA).

Sunday, March 29, 1998:
Not in Our Name, Dead Man Walking: The Concert, L.A.
Ed and Jeff are confirmed to perform at the show AND will be included in the cybercast tonight. More info at the Not in Our Name site.

Note: Earlier today these sites were requesting a username and password. You should be able to access these now; be sure to clear your browser's cache. They have updated the web sites!
Saturday, March 28, 1998: MSG, E. Rutherford, Chicago, E. Troy and LA tickets on sale
Everything seems to have sold out by now, although we keep hearing random reports of single seats available via TM Online. *shrug*

However, it looks as though there will be a second Alpine Valley show; we have no information on the on-sale date, we know many of you in the area got shut out -- we will post that information as soon as it's available to us.

For those of you not participating in the ticket frenzy, why not check out the wonderful new sound files from the Australian shows:

Linked from each show's listing in the Concert Chronology.[Many thanks to our pal, the fabulous Olly Sharwood!]

Portland update: we've got a tentative on-sale date listed. You know where. =)

Missoula update: Lots of important information regarding the Missoula date, including special information about ticket sales for Eastern Washington fans; this involves a voucher system so if you're in the Spokane area, please do check out Going Mobile now. Also added a non-888 charge by phone number for the Canadians planning on going to this show. [Thanks to Kyle Kasman and Jack Long]

Second MSG Date Added: Meadowlands and MSG one sell out (though there may still be random single seats left) and a second MSG show added for 9/11 (and is probably sold out now).

Caryn is off to LA tonight to see the "Dead Man Walking" concert; look for setlists and reviews on Monday!

Friday, March 27, 1998: St. Louis tickets on sale @ 5pm CST
Anyone getting a little antsy with tix for a few shows going on sale today and tomorrow??? Here's a distraction, perhaps ... some new soundbytes, linked from each show's listing in the Concert Chronology:
  • "Push Me Pull Me" improv from Sydney 3/11/98
  • "The Real Me" intro to "I Got Shit" from Sydney 3/12/98 [Many thanks to our pal, the fabulous Olly Sharwood!]

    Missoula update: on-sale date in Going Mobile. [Thanks to Kyle Matteson]

    Philly update: Apparently the on-sale date will be announced on Monday at 5pm, according to Y100. [Thanks to Michael Stevick]

    Some new hints and tips added to the Road Trip Survival Guide. [Thanks to Alex Miller and Jean]

    Alpine Valley: got a reminder that the ticket prices for this venue include parking, which could explain why base price is so much higher than the other shows. [Thanks to Josh Jordan]

    Philly announcement did not happen today, for the record. [Thanks to John Reynolds]

    Atlanta and Pittsburgh: on-sale dates in Going Mobile. [Thanks to Chris Blackburn and Jason Niner]

  • Thursday, March 26, 1998
    Alpine Valley update: There will be a phone block for this show as well, outside of IN, IL and WI. Also, there's a discrepancy in the base ticket price; could be as high as $28.75 before "convenience charges." Plan accordingly. [Thanks to Dave Photenhauer]

    LA tix info: The ticket limit has changed from two tickets per show per person to a four ticket limit. [Thanks to ecg]

    Added some more questions to the 1998 Tour FAQ.

    On-sale info: We expect announcements of on-sale dates for Missoula and Philadelphia tomorrow. If these actually happen, check this page (or Going Mobile) for updates by noon PST. [Note: the announcements may not happen, we're just trying to give you as much warning as possible; however, these are announcements of on-sale dates, not the actual sales, so no need to panic yet] [Thanks to dave and Derek]

    Note about Chicago sales: The 15-minute block is not on all out-of-state calls; states in the "region" (such as NW Indiana) are not affected by this. If you're in a neighboring state, call the TM hotline you plan to call NOW and ask them. [Thanks to Matt Camp]

    Andrew McDougall has scanned nearly every poster from the New Zealand and Australia shows. See our memorabilia section. [Many thanks Andrew!]

    Wednesday, March 25, 1998
    MSG and E. Rutherford info: If you're planning on waiting on line for these tickets, check out Going Mobile for important info about wristbands and TM. [Thanks to Justin Luzier]

    LA Forum info: The 13th and 14th will be the first shows to go on sale, and "if" those sell out (HA! - in other words, what are they thinking, OF COURSE those shows will sell out!), then the 11th will go on sale.

    Disclaimer: Five Horizons is not responsible for getting you tickets to a show. We provide you with as much information as we possibly can, but then it's up to you to call the venue, call TM, visit the web site, etc. to get the information you personally need in order to buy tickets -- that's why we have as much info in Going Mobile as possible, to empower you individually to be able to get tickets. We're getting a little tired of the nasty email expecting us to do everything for some people.

    Tuesday, March 24, 1998
    On-Sale Mania Continues: Kansas City added to the list (check Going Mobile). [Thanks to Mike Baker]

    Also, we know you don't want to hear this, but the site will probably be down tomorrow morning while we move from slug to flashflood (that's the names of the servers). Hell, we don't want to hear it. But don't panic if you can't get to the site around 11am PST tomorrow. We're just getting so much traffic that our service provider needs to move us to our own server...

    On-Sale Date Mania: LA (two dates), St. Louis, MSG, E. Rutherford, and more details about the Chicago and E. Troy sales this Saturday: In Going Mobile. [Thanks to: Robert Bellarn, Darlene Patten, Susan Safren, John Reynolds, Aaron, Matt Jorgenson, Ronney, Andrew McArthur, Evan Jacobs]

    We've tried to list the appropriate time zones in Going Mobile, but if we didn't, assume that it's local time!

    Just in: Oliver Sharwood's review of night #2: Brisbane!

    And, in addition to the March Song of the Month, we've added an additional sound file: the intro to "Habit" from Maui 2/20/98 ... linked from that listing in the Concert Chronology.

    Monday, March 23, 1998
    Chicago on-sale date announced! In Going Mobile. [Thanks to B.O.B. Svec]

    New reviews are online (some include photos):

    '98 Concert Chronology updates:
  • Several show times and attendance figures added or corrected [As noted by Olly and Olivia]
  • Notes added to Brisbane (night 1) [Thanks to Alun Coppack, Nicholas Sweet, Jacqueline Whitmore, Gerry Sinclair, Darrell O'Connor]
  • Notes added to Brisbane (night 2) [Thanks beccy]
  • Misc odds & ends corrected [Thanks Fiona]
  • Sunday, March 22, 1998
    A new Song of the Month. Enjoy!
    Saturday, March 21, 1998
    Yet another on-sale date: Albuquerque. In Going Mobile. [Thanks to justin]

    Also, I've color-coded the GM calendar so it's easier to see what shows have on-sale dates announced; unannounced shows are still blue, while those shows with on-sale dates are now green. Go look, you'll see. Hope this helps some.

    Two new links added to Essential PJ Web Resources. People clamoring for the 1998 setlist stats would be well advised to check this out.

    Wondering what's up with Song of the Month? Well, we just got our source tape in with the song we're doing. Look for it early next week; we promise to have April's song up much quicker (since we've already narrowed it down to two things!).

    Friday, March 20, 1998:
    Perth Entertainment Centre, Perth, Australia
    (final date from this leg of the tour)
    Concert Chronology updates:
  • Setlist is up for the second Perth show (surprises: Pilate, Hunger Strike and Patriot!). [Thanks to Warwick Horsley.]
  • Notes and corrections for the first Perth show. [Thanks to Warwick Horsley for the soundcheck info, and Fiona and Ray!].
  • Thursday, March 19, 1998:
    Perth Entertainment Centre, Perth, Australia
    The CMJ article is now on their web site - you can link to it from the Yield Media Watch page, along with the Musician and Rocket articles. [Thanks to Nae30 for pointing out CMJ]

    Perth setlist is up (including LEATHERMAN!) in the the '98 Concert Chronology. [Thanks to Warwick Horsley, who put in the Leatherman request and got it!].

    Wednesday, March 18, 1998:
    Sacramento on-sale date. In Going Mobile. [Thanks to Steven Lowery]
    Tuesday, March 17, 1998:
    "Dead Man Walking" concert to be cybercast. In News.

    The second public on-sale date: Hartford. In Going Mobile. [Thanks to Dan Erickson]

    Another page added to our list of Essential PJ Web Resources.

    Monday, March 16, 1998: Ten Club Ticket Form Postmark Deadline!
    You HAVE sent your Ten Club ticket form in, right? =)

    Both Brisbane setlists corrected in the the '98 Concert Chronology. [Thank you to Kerryn Sues!]

    Sunday, March 15, 1998:
    Entertainment Centre, Brisbane, Australia

    New to Going Mobile: How To Tape Shows, kindly provided by David Hogan, should answer all the questions from you aspiring tapers out there.
    Saturday, March 14, 1998:
    Entertainment Centre, Brisbane, Australia
    Added more venue information, FAQ questions, and other tidbits -- including the first public on-sale date (for Alpine Valley) to Going Mobile. [Thanks to Chanon Owen, Kirk Bailey, Joshua Polak, Derek Grover, JR Cummard, Mark, kate, Sonya Foley, Ducky66584].

    Just a note: as we start to get information about the public on-sale dates, we'll be adding them to the appropriate entry in Going Mobile. You too can call and harangue your local venue and get us info!

    A preliminary setlist from the first Brisbane show is in the '98 Concert Chronology). [Thanks to Alun, Tony F and Dave.] Apparently security was rather intense, including metal detectors, making things difficult for tapers. If you can provide a list in correct order or notes about the show, please contact us :)

    Thursday, March 12, 1998:
    Entertainment Centre, Sydney, Australia
    A few additions in on the final Sydney setlist, [courtesy of Andrew McDougall].

    Setlist and notes from the final Sydney show [BIG thanks to our roving reporter, Brett Habel], notes added to 3/11/98 Sydney [thanks to Trent Goddard] and notes for 3/9/98 Sydney [thanks to Craig] in the '98 Concert Chronology.

    Just a note, we will be featuring a huge review of all three Sydney shows as soon as the Aussie correspondent in question has time to write it and scan his photos. Look for it this weekend!
    Wednesday, March 11, 1998:
    Entertainment Centre, Sydney, Australia
    Check out the awesome Sydney setlist, courtesy of Brett Habel (in the '98 Concert Chronology). We can't wait for your reviews, Brett!
    Tuesday, March 10, 1998: Happy Birthday Jeff Ament!
    A lovely new Featured Photo Of The Moment in honor of Jeff's birthday! [Thanks to Jill Henley!]

    It was "Dead Man" not "Dead Man Walking" played at the first Sydney show (correction to the '98 Concert Chronology. [Thanks to]

    Next single: "Wishlist". In News. [Thanks to Mike Rennie, ed f., and and someone else who pointed it out, but whose email we accidentally deleted, sorry]

    Monday, March 9, 1998:
    Entertainment Centre, Sydney, Australia
    A partial setlist, amazing soundcheck list(!) and some hilarious notes from Sydney are in from Brett Habel and Matthew Smith in the '98 Concert Chronology. [Thanks guys!]

    Special Note: We have NO information at this time about on-sale dates for tickets to ANY of the upcoming 1998 shows. When we get this information, we will post it as soon as humanly possible.

    Sunday, March 8, 1998:
    We are aware that there seem to be some, erm, discrepancies with a few of the Aussie setlists. And yeah, lots of people have sent in corrections -- the problem is, the corrections contradict each other! =) So, we're going to leave things the way we think they are, and wait for the tapes to give us the final word. But THANK YOU to everyone sending us info, especially the extremely excited Aussie contingent!! =)

    Check out our new resource, Essential PJ Web Resources, just a listing of those sites that have content that we don't have and that you always ask about!

    Corrections and additions to the various items in Going Mobile. [Thanks to: Jason Adkisson, Charlie Philbrook, Scott Yemen, J.F.B., Nae30, Apu Naik, Chris Blackburn, Mike Mabie, Rishi Hargovan, Carolyn Richter, Chris Davidson, Jim Fitzpatrick, Jim Mahjoubian, Leo, josh, Mike Baker.] Much more to come on this, you guys are sending in GREAT stuff!!

    One new article noted in the Yield Media Watch page.

    (Also, for the record: Jean and I are NOT going to be attending EVERY SINGLE show this summer (unless, of course, the NEA starts giving out grants to Pearl Jam web pages =) )! Don't we wish, though....)

    Added Auckland 2/28/98 soundcheck [thanks to Fiona], plus the Adelaide setlist and other setlists have been revised and some notes added to the '98 Concert Chronology. Thanks to all who have sent notes and corrections and details [Ryan Kris, Andrew Weaver, Chris, RYAN, Luke Florence, Ryan Woodforde, Stephen McGovern, Rachel, Mike Baker, Scotty, Robin, Steven C. DeCaluwe].

    Two great reviews are in:
    Melbourne (3/2/98) [by Randall Higgins] and Adelaide (3/7/98) [by Daniel McCarthy]

    Saturday, March 7, 1998:
    Thebarton Oval, Adelaide, Australia
    Adelaide setlist is up up in the '98 Concert Chronology. [Thanks to Spencer Webb and Leigh.]
    Friday, March 6, 1998:
    Don't tell us we're not trying our best to help everyone have the best 1998 show experience possible. =) A whole slew of new resources added to Going Mobile: Also added some venue info and some corrections to that section. [Thanks to Jason Morales, Mex, Sonya Foley, and AstroPoppp]

    A nice review by Adam Ryan of the final Melbourne show is online. [Thanks much, Adam!]

    Thursday, March 5, 1998:
    Melbourne Park, Melbourne, Australia
    A BIG thank you to Triple J!

    Setlist from the final Melbourne show is up in the '98 Concert Chronology. (Notes coming later.) Also made minor corrections to other OZ setlists and notes. [Thanks to Matthew Smith, Steve Holmes, Robert Harrison, Fiona Thiessen, Leigh, Susan Safren.]

    Extra tickets for the remaining Australian shows released. In News.
    Wednesday, March 4, 1998:
    Be sure to check out our "Yes, Virginia, You Too Can Get Good Seats From Ticketmaster" guide in Going Mobile (at the bottom of the calendar page...)
    Tuesday, March 3, 1998:
    Melbourne Park, Melbourne, Australia
    More info added to Going Mobile. [Thanks to Kristel Stackpoole, CJ, Iceking1, Eric, Troy Fix, and i'll thank myself for the Seattle venue notes! But, thanks to someone who we will keep anonymous for the info regarding what venue it was going to be.... =)]

    Added the first two Melbourne show setlists and notes to '98 Concert Chronology. [Thanks to Nicky Taylor, Randall Higgins and Ed Tang for writing.]

    Also corrected order of Wellington soundcheck Thanks again, Fiona

    Monday, March 2, 1998:
    Melbourne Park, Melbourne, Australia
    Yowza! TONS of new info, tips and hints added to Going Mobile. Wow. You guys are just the greatest!
    [Thanks to: Benjamin Edwards, Matt Mullenix, Joe Berkenmeier, JAMmjisgev, Jon Caraccilo, scott kobleske, Robert Jones, Chris Martinez, Eric Rodgers, Aaron Baker, mel, carson, Andrew Snodgrass, the always-insightful Tafoya, James, Eric Ramse, and Eric Mark Ratner! you guys RULE!]

    Apparently the Ten Club email box has opened for business again. On that note, the Ten Club hotline has been updated, but nothing you didn't already know from us or the Rumor Pit. We'll get to it.

    Finally, some new articles noted on the the Yield Media Watch page.

    Sunday, March 1, 1998:
    The Auckland setlist and review are online! See the '98 Concert Chronology. Thanks to Steve for sending his setlist and notes.

    Also added the complete 2/20/98 Maui soundcheck to the '98 Concert Chronology. [Thanks Andy!]

    Epic Records finally confirms the Letterman appearance. In News. [Thanks to Steve Barrera for pointing this out]

    And now, for the weekly ticket/Ten Club question mass answer session....

    We know everyone is very very excited, but we aren't the Ten Club and there's nothing we personally can do to help people with problems. Don't write us, get yer pens out and write to them and get the letter to them as quickly as possible while there's still time to do something about it.

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