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The 5h PJ Yield Media Watch!

Pearl Jam are more visible for the new album than they have been in YEARS. You literally need a scorecard to keep up! =)

We'll do our best to track their appearances here in terms of interviews -- we are NOT tracking album reviews because we don't really care what the media thinks about the album and there will be too many to keep up with, and we don't think you need to have someone tell you what to think of the album! =)

If there's something that's not listed, please write and let us know about it!


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Thanks, MTV (not)


Print & Online Media

Advertising & Promotion

las vegas billboard

Epic claims that this is "the most extensive plan ever for a Pearl Jam release." I don't see any doormats or watches on this list! =)

  • TV Commercials: Yes, TV commercials. So far, there are two:
  • Billboards: No, you're not hallucinating if you've seen a billboard for the album in your city! Here's a list of the cities which have billboards:

    Los Angeles, New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Boston, Dallas, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Phoenix, Mesa, San Diego, Oakland, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Houston, Salt lake City, Santa Ana, Albuquerque, Indianapolis, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Baltimore, Washington DC, New Orleans, East Lansing, Ann Arbor, New Haven, Austin, Gainesville, Columbus, Lincoln, Knoxville, Nashville, Tuscaloosa, Athens, Baton Rouge, Boulder, Bloomington, South Bend, Milwaukee.

    (Notice how Seattle isn't on this list - we can't decide if it's because the guys don't want to have to see it every day, or because they don't want to get shit from their friends about it!)

  • In-store Merchandising: Stuff you can covet over the next month or so includes the usual posters, album flats, and the like, but also free-standing bins for cd's, counter bins for singles, floor stickers, cool laminated passes, and electro-static window stickers.

  • Other Promo Stuff:


    We are absolutely not going to track chart action (unless something really amazing happens), but we did think it was worth noting here for the sake of completeness that the album debuted at #2 on the charts. (See our related News story.

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