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The 1998 PJ Tour/Road Trip FAQ

Yep, it's already started. We don't recall this kind of excitement for a PJ tour ever, and who are we kidding, it's well deserved. Here's where we'll track the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions....

How can I buy a backstage pass?

You cannot buy backstage passes. Anyone offering to sell you one is just ripping you off. Sometimes radio stations have contests where you can win an opportunity to meet the band, but we don't know of any for this tour.

I keep reading about people who have gotten into or taped soundchecks. How can I do this?

Soundchecks are generally not open to the public; most people who have gotten in have known someone working at the venue, or have heard it from the outside (in outdoor venues), or have been, erm, creative.

Can we bring cameras?

The official word is, of course, "no". What you're able to accomplish on your own is, of course, up to you. =)

I am going to see PJ in X city. Can I tape there/will security let me bring a tape recorder there/will security know about the taping policy?

We'll quote the last Rumor Pit:

Pearl Jam allows taping of their shows. You may bring a hand-held Walkman-type AUDIO recorder for personal use. The venues will be notified ahead of time. There won't be an exclusive taper's section and most venues do not allow mic stands. Also, venue security will be notified before show time but most are not accustomed to bands allowing taping so if you have any difficulty entering the venue, ask for a Promoter Rep. They know the policy and will assist you.
We suggest that you print out this page, or go to Synergy and print out the Rumor Pit, and take it with you to show security at the shows just in case you have trouble. Unfortunately, it's been our experience that security at venues is not as respectful as they should be towards the people who pay their salaries, especially if they are young. Having something printed may help them take you seriously.

Who is opening this tour??

We've added all the announced bands to Going Mobile, as well as our new guide, know your opening band!.

When will the Ten Club tickets get sent out?

Tickets for about half the tour have already been sent out. Check out our Ten Club Ticket Status page to see what's been sent out and what you should do if you haven't gotten yours.

Will the band be broadcasting the shows via pirate radio like they did in 95?

Eddie has said they would be, but a recent Rumor Pit said they wouldn't be.

How do I buy tickets???

If it is a Ticketmaster venue, well, you need to go to Ticketmaster! Their web page lists all the phone numbers for charge-by-phone as well as all the outlets -- go to the page, search for your state, and the info is there for you. You can either go to an outlet or call in. The outlets generally do not let you use a credit card (though this can vary; you need to ask), but of course the phone sales require one. Read our "Yes, Virginia, You Too Can Get Good Seats From Ticketmaster" article for more details and tricks on how to buy tickets.

If it's not a Ticketmaster venue, we have posted the venue information and the ticket outlet information when known; contact the venue or the ticket outlet for information on phone, outlet or box office sales.

I've heard the best seats are available at the venue box office; is this true?

It used to be, but now that we've got computer terminals, that's no longer necessarily the case. Generally, unless it's specifically stated that the venue will have certain good seats, your chances are the same whether you go to the box office, an outlet, or call over the phone.

When do tickets go on sale???!!!!!!

We will list all on-sale dates in individual entries accessed via the main calendar. If they're TM dates, well, then, you need to look up the TM outlets. If they're not TM dates, we'll post as much info about how and where to get the tickets as we can (such as a link to the ticketing company's web site, etc.). After that, it's really up to you!

For the TM shows, a REALLY helpful resource is their weekly on-sale list, available from their web site, or also available via email from them. This is a national listing of the shows going on sale every weekend, sent out every Friday morning.

I want to use my tickets to go see the band in Seattle, LA, [insert city here]. What venues are the best?

Check out our Venue Guide for a fairly subjective, biased description of the venues, compiled by us with some help from you!

How do I know if I got tickets from the Ten Club?? Are my tickets guaranteed?

Well, probably. There has been only one problem thus far [Toledo 96], and this time they've gotten smarter and are issuing the fan club tickets BEFORE the shows go on sale to the general public. Hopefully, this will prevent that situation from happening again, but again, we don't work for them so we really do not know.

Where are the Ten Club seats usually located?

The Ten Club has always given out fantastic seats to fans for those shows that are reserved seating. Jean sat in the front row in Milwaukee in 1995, and we have other friends with similar tales. You will not be in the nosebleeds!

If the show you are going to is general admission, in the past there has been no special seating area for Ten Club members. We do not think that this will change, but again, we don't know for sure.

When will we get our tickets?

The Ten Club has responded to such queries with "mid-May"; as we hear of tickets starting to be received, we'll report accordingly.

The ticket form says to email the Ten Club if our tickets haven't been received by 5 days before the show. I am going to see multiple shows/on vacation/away and will be leaving two weeks before the show I'm going to see! What should I do?

Well, email them before you go. And, we have a hunch that there will be a phone system in place for this purpose later on, via the Ten Club hotline number.

But DO NOT WORRY -- customer service regarding Ten Club tickets has always been great. Jean did not get her Chicago 96 tickets before she left, and while she was way worried, she had no problem getting in. Her Maui tickets got sun-scorched, and she just went to the box office, they checked her name on a list, and replaced them.

I am interested in taping the shows. Can you give me advice on equipment/how to tape?

Check out our new "How To Tape" article, kindly written up for 5h by David Hogan.

If the tickets aren't being sent out until May, shouldn't we all go buy tickets anyway???

Well, we're not going to; the deadline being ahead of the public on-sale dates gives us a certain sense of confidence that everyone will get taken care of for the show they want to see. But, of course, it's up to you.