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Other Essential PJ Links & Resources

Five Horizons was never designed to be your one-stop PJ web site. From time to time people write asking where they can find lyrics, tabs, or other highly necessary fan resources. Here's a listing of the the other PJ sites that offer other unique resources as a helpful reference (that have stood the test of time), as well as a listing of non-web resources!

Note and help: We would like to start listing foreign-language PJ sites. There are a LOT of them out there, and as we aren't speakers of those languages, we need your help in telling us what the best ones are. Please let us know what you think. Thanks!

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last updated: 8/20/02

links/digital resources

misc resources

the sky i scrape : a Pearl Jam lyrical database

5h uses this site, everyone we know uses this site. There's a lot of work that's gone into the site, and it's changed and evolved and grown, which is 99% of the battle. For those of you looking for a lyrics interpretation site, you should check it out too.

The Unofficial Pearl Jam FAQ at the Pearl Jam Network

This is the home of the maintained, updated, revised, working FAQ. PJN also has many other great resources, check them out.

Dan's Pearl Jam Page

Dan's site is back! The best selection of PJ photos on the net; that's where we go when we need images for tape covers. =) Dan has absolutely *everything*.

John Procopio's PJ Vault (and JAManac)

Want to know how many times PJ have played a certain song on a certain tour? Want all of PJ's setlists in MSWord format? Want the full list of every cover or improv PJ has ever played? Well, this is the definitive site for you! John has been maintaining this for what seems like forever; he's clearly as "possessed" as we are and knows his stuff.

The Complete Pearl Jam Discography

Ferry Groen started compiling this collection several years ago and has done a great job in rounding up the more obscure items, like the "No Code" promotional calculator (we're not kidding!) and the zillions of singles.

Monkeywrench Radio

A very thorough coverage of the history of Pearl Jam's pirate radio history. Includes Self-Pollution, Monkeywrench Radio and other PJ radio shows (with great transcriptions and sound files). Hours of reading here. Site was revamped summer 2002.

Black Red Yellow ... The Pearl Jam Poster Database

Complete listing of PJ posters, handbills, promos and more with scans, dimensions, values, etc. Wondering if a poster is legit? Visit this site. Black Red Yellow is updated often and has an active, helpful message board.

Big Pop

Ecommerce site for Ames Bros. If you are looking for PJ tour posters, you'll find a huge selection to purchase online here.

early history

Pearl Jam: Early Recordings History

This short (but incredibly valuable, and well-researched) site spells out the early recording history of Pearl Jam, and gets it right. Check out the hand-written (by Ed) demo tape cover!

Crossroads: The Unofficial Bad Radio Website

Not PJ per se, but this is absolutely the best resource for the history of Eddie's early band. Promo photos (nice hair, guys), and Ed's handwritten lyrics to "Believe You Me." We get a lot of email about Bad Radio, and these nice folks can help you out better than we can.

Temple of the Dog

The first site to explore the TOTD project from both the Pearl Jam and Soundgarden perspective. Yes, it's a shameless plug, because Caryn was one of the two people responsible for this site (along with Seth Perlman, who runs the band-endorsed Unofficial Soundgarden Homepage); but according to Soundgarden's management, this is the first time anyone's gotten the story right. Full history, in-depth reviews of the few live performances (with sound clips and video files), and more.

side projects

With Sidetracked no long online, we've created a small subpage to provide an overview of the band members' side projects.

individual band members

Given To Wail: A Mike McCready Fanpage

This site has evolved from being a tribute to Mike into the resource for fans who want to discuss Pearl Jam's music from the musician's viewpoint. This is where you need to go for guitar tabs. The message board can help you figure out any song you are having problems with.

taping resources

Hard To Imagine

Want to know if a particular PJ show was taped? Want to know what show is on a particular bootleg (despite what the boot says)? Well, this page can tell you all of this, and combined with our Concert Chronology and Video Guide, is really all a trader needs! Carl Sylvester, former "horizon," is still the king of live PJ tape history and maintains this excellent resource.

DigiJAM: Pearl Jam DAT Tapers & Traders

"The primary goal of DigiJAM is to provide a forum for DAT Tapers of live Pearl Jam concerts. Sharing these digital recordings with traders of other media is the ultimate goal - a.k.a. Spreading the JAM!." These are the folks who, out of the goodness of their hearts, are responsible for the best sources of live shows out there, and are responsible for sharing them, FOR FREE, with the rest of us. There are resources here for non-tapers and beginners as well.

The Pearl Jam Traders Page and Pass It Around

The original Pearl Jam Traders Page was started by 5h friend Jeremy Keehn as a way to unite all the live PJ traders out there. This transitioned onto an Australian based site, and was then handed over to these two pages. If you're looking for a trade, these are the places to start.

Lost Souls: the site for discriminating traders

This site's mission is self-explanatory, and is wholeheartedly supported and endorsed by 5h.

official sites


Please note: this guide is not meant to be exhaustive, nor is its purpose to help generate more traffic for these sites. This is not a popularity contest. There used to be a great site that listed and (more importantly) reviewed all the PJ sites out there; we wish someone would do that again!

analog resources

Unbelievable that in this day and age these people still have the incredible talent and dedication it takes to publish in hard copy...we recommend you check these out; we do, and we love them. =) Note: These publications cost MONEY to produce -- the fans who put these out finance them primarily from their own pockets. TMN and Dissident send out free trial issues. We urge you throw them a buck or two to help keep the mission going.

Tickle My Nausea

The brainchild of Jessica Letkemann (one of the masterminds behind the now-legendary "Breath" campaign), TMN is jam-packed full of reviews, articles, trivia, and other essential miscellany for the PJ fan. Check out the site above, or write to Jessica at for information.

The Dissident Pearl Jam Fanzine

Absolutely not related to an old PJ site with that name, the dissident crew search the earth for everything with the words "Pearl Jam" in it and compile this wondrous maze of PJ fandom...with a healthy dose of fan interpretation and experience. While not as linear as TMN, there's enough here to keep you busy for weeks. Use the links above to write to the editors and tell them we sent ya. =)

If you've got a print zine, please email us - we'd love to include you!

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