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1998 News

(note: links to news stories on other sites may expire over time)

Mikey On KISW: Rodman, MSG and the "Drummer Situation"

December 28, 1998: The rebroadcast of Mike's two-hour interview/dj session on Seattle radio station KISW last night was absolutely fascinating! During the course of the two hours (where Mike shared music such as Goodness, Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Yardbirds, and some old Shadow tracks), Mike also commented on such PJ-related subjects as the first MSG show ("We really sucked"), Rodman coming onstage in Dallas ("It certainly wasn't as bad as when Dennis Rodman joined us onstage") and the *ahem* "drummer situation". Mike also manages to proudly say "fuck" three times on Seattle radio. :)

Update!: Given To Wail now has a complete transcript of the interview, as well as the entire show in Real Audio. The site owner will also be running a tape tree of this interview if you want to get a copy of yourself, so check it out!

Interviews: Stone and Mike On Seattle Radio

December 17, 1998: For those of you going through PJ withdrawal, here's a chance to hear two-fifths of the band on the radio this month. Seattle radio station KISW will be featuring both Stone and Mike in two separate interviews/dj sessions over the next two weeks. Stone is featured this Sunday, December 20, while Mike's session (a rebroadcast of a show no one seems to have heard!) will be the next Sunday, December 27. Both interviews start at 9pm PST. Luckily, KISW has an excellent web site with a RealAudio feed, so you can tune in even if you don't live in town.

Tibetan Freedom Concert Rebroadcast Today

December 11, 1998: In honor of the 50th anniversary of International Human Rights Day, this year's TFC will be recybercast today beginning at noon PST. Pearl Jam's performance is on the schedule ... check out Live Concerts for details.

Kelly Curtis Confirms:
Matt Cameron to Join PJ for Exploratory Sessions

December 9, 1998: In a story posted on Rolling Stone's web site, Pearl Jam Manager Kelly Curtis confirms the whispers floating around Seattle that Matt Cameron will be going into the studio with the band early next year. While this announcement was not positioned as an official announcement as to the status of the long-belabored 'drummer situation,' it is an indication that there really may be yet another change to the lineup.

More importantly, this news story confirms that PJ will be entering the studio as early as January, which means a new album may be closer than we all think!

More Xmas Single News

December 3, 1998: Correction to yesterday's news flash: "Last Kiss" is live, and not a studio version as previously reported; we're not sure about "Soldier of Love" (as our source could not tell from the recording, which means it must sound pretty damn good!). Like with L2L, we do not know what shows these were taken from and most likely they will not be identified on the single. Can't wait!!!

Wanna Peek at This Year's Christmas Single?

December 2, 1998: Although a major media outlet beat us to this announcement (hey, they get paid for getting this stuff up immediately), we have confirmed with our source that it's true: the fan club holiday single will be "Soldier of Love" and "Last Kiss"! These are studio versions of these popular covers from the 1998 tour, and yes, the single will be on vinyl as usual.

Some radio stations already have this single (we've heard that WBCN in Boston is playing it!) so keep your ears peeled and maybe call and request it!

Good Karma:
Lucky People at the Neil Finn Show in Boston!

November 6, 1998: 10:30pm EST A blonde Vedder (sporting a broken bone in his hand) played Stuff and Nonsense, World Where You Live, History Never Repeats, Off He Goes, Throw Your Arms Around Me and perhaps one more that our reporter couldn't remember. Despite being told not to play for 6 to 8 weeks, he apparently didn't follow doctor's orders!
7:30pm EST As if Neil Finn isn't cool enough, Mr. Vedder is apparently soundchecking at Neil's show in Boston tonight at the Karma Club (19+ and sold out!). Songs heard at the soundcheck included Off He Goes and History Never Repeats. Tapers are taping ... we hope to have an update later :)

L2L Radio Single: "Elderly Woman" from WPB

November 5, 1998: A radio-only single from L2L has been released to radio, and it's none other than "Elderly Woman" as recorded at the last show of the tour in West Palm Beach. Other stations around the country have been playing tracks from the album, so you might want to start listening. =)

Ten Club Newsletter is Here!

October 30, 1998: Just in time for Halloween (and appropriately themed), the Ten Club newsletter hit mailboxes in Seattle today. Not to spoil the surprise, but yes, information on how to order the photo book is in there, as well as some leftover merchandise from this summer (a few posters, but not from every show), and the traditional sale of old stuff (much of which is being auctioned off... you know). Very very very cool!!

More Live Album News

October 27, 1998: A few interesting tidbits about the album (which we are going to abbrieviate as L2L) from our source:

Less than a month to go!

Live On Two Legs

October 22, 1998 - UPDATE: A setlist widely leaked to every possible PJ net outlet is below, featuring tracks taken largely from the 9/19/98 VFC show:

Corduroy, Given To Fly, Hail Hail, Daughter, Elderly Woman, [untitled], MFC, Go, Red Mosquito, Even Flow, Off He Goes, Nothingman, Do The Evolution, Better Man, Black, Fuckin' Up
October 21, 1998: Well, that's the title of the live album. =) (Revised at the last minute from Pearl Jam Live At Constitution Hall. Obviously, they were thinking about releasing the entire VFC show -- which would seem like they were considering donating the proceeds to VFC - this is conjecture, we don't know this for certain.) Still no tracklisting yet, but we're hoping for something soon.

(A note: apparently there is some confusion over the fact that there are going to be two vinyl records while there is only one cd: vinyl can only hold 22 minutes per side, for a total of 44 minutes on one record, so 88 if there are two -- while cd's hold up to 75. So it's not as though there will be more music on the vinyl vs. the cd.)

Oh, and the release date is still November 24, in case there was still confusion over this. More news as we have it!

Live Album News

"I took what I did seriously. I meant it.
This shit comin' out of my throat every night...I meant it. I really did."

--EV on the live album

October 19, 1998: The above quote is from a pre-release solicitation Sony has sent out to record stores. There is no title on here (the album is just referred to as Pearl Jam: Live) or any artwork yet (big surprise there =)).

The solicitation confirms that yes, the live album is from the 1998 tour; it doesn't say it on here, but we know that it will be a single CD but a double VINYL (yay!) release. There will be a radio-only single released two weeks before the album date (no confirmation on what that will be yet).

Set yer VCRs: there will be more television commercials (on MTV, South Park, ESPN and ESPN2, Conan O'Brien, Politically Incorrect and David Letterman, among others) that will begin before the album is released, as well as the usual print ads. In store merchandise is the standard poster and album flat (those record-cover sized pieces of cardboard selling for obscene amounts of money on a certain online auction site ;>).

As for the tracklisting, the tapes are being mastered as we speak, and the artwork has been delivered, so wait for the leaks. =)

Yay! What a great year to be a PJ fan!!!

Pearl Jam's "Surprise" Appearance Last Night

October 11, 1998: A rumor that turned out to be true! Pearl Jam did open at the Croc last night ... wow!

Rumour Control

October 9, 1998: We are receiving tons of email about some issues that we really feel aren't news (one that likely is), but just to address these matters, here they are ...

The one item that may really be newsworthy:

Rumour #1: PJ Opening for Cheap Trick Oct 10
While it is not 100% confirmed (their names aren't on the tickets), it is generally understood that PJ are going to be opening for Cheap Trick at their third and last Seattle show at the Crocodile Cafe on Saturday night. This show is *sold out* and has been for some time. We heard this was happening but didn't want to start a stampede. We were already holding three-day Cheap Trick passes (hey, we're fans!) and will be on hand in the event it is true, hopefully bringing a setlist online as it occurs if it works out. Stay tuned :)

Rumour #2: Eddie will be guesting on one or more of Neil Finn's tour dates.
Reality: Word of this started spreading a week ago or so and this is unconfirmed by any sources. Online music magazines, which have been picked up by radio stations, have said this was discussed on the Neil Finn mailing list. However, friends who are on this list say there has been no discussion about this on the list.
Suggestion: Go see Neil Finn ... he's GREAT! If any cool special guests show up, it is bonus.

Rumour #3: "Breath" will be on the live album (the MTV story)
We knew MTV would jump on this story, but they have enhanced it by reporting that it will include "Breath" and "Yellow Ledbetter." While this is wonderful news, since they won't put a name to their source, it falls into the "rumour" category. When we have reliable, attributed information that we can report, we will report on it (with excitement!), but anything you see that doesn't quote a named source, or anything you hear on your radio station, is all coming from the same place
Suggestion: Wait and see. November is just around the corner.

Official Live Album to be Released in November

October 8, 1998 - UPDATE: (from Addicted to Noise) PJ's upcoming live release is expected to be a single disc from the the just completed U.S. tour. No word on what tracks from what show(s) will be included; they are still working on it.

October 6, 1998: Following much rumor and discussion over the past months, there is now public confirmation that the much-anticipated live album is actually going to happen.

Sony Germany's web site not only announces the live album, but gives a release date of November 24.

Of course, there is no official word at this time as to the U.S. release date, but we imagine (okay, so we HOPE) it will be identical or shortly prior to the European release date.

There is also no word on tracklisting or length; RUMORS indicate 2 cd's and that the material is taken from many shows, not just one. However, this information is not confirmed at this time (and is only included in an attempt to avoid the avalanche of email), so don't hold us to it.

We'll post any more information that we have as soon as we have it.

PJ's Missoula Show to be Broadcast

October 5, 1998 - UPDATE: Just a note that tomorrow's broadcast is NOT a soundboard quality show - it is an audience tape, rated at A-/B+.

September 25, 1998: University of Missoula radio station KBGA is plannning to broadcast the 6/20/98 Missoula show on October 6 from 9pm-11pm mountain time! This station broadcasts in RealAudio so even if you don't live near Missoula, you can catch it ... and if you do live in the Missoula area, you might want to tape this. :) Yeaaaaa!!!

PJ on CNN?

September 4, 1998: RockOnTV is listing PJ to appear September 12 on World Beat, CNN's international music news program. We don't know anything more than that ... World Beat airs Saturdays 12 a.m. - 12:30 a.m. Eastern Time.

Bridge Lineup (no PJ ... sorta)

September 3, 1998: Apparently PJ is breaking their "every other year" pattern of performing at the Bridge Benefit shows this year, with the official lineup (according to HyperRust) being:

Neil Young (possibly with Duck Dunn, Jim Keltner, Ben Keith), R.E.M., Phish, Sara McLachlan, Barenaked Ladies, Johnathan Richman, The Eels
Rumored: Wallflowers, Chris Issak ("surprise" guest), Pete Droge
This would really be a "no news" story, except that Pete Droge has announced that Mike McCready will join him!

PJ Bands Together for the Environment

September 3, 1998: Pearl Jam are again throwing their support toward a cause: the environment. In this letter to Vice President Al Gore, Jeff, Ed, Stone and Mike have requested a meeting to discuss protection of American forests. A press release issued by the Washington Wilderness Coalition further details the concern over logging, particularly in the Pacific Northwest. Chris Cornell and REM's Peter Buck are also involved.

DTE Scheduled to Air August 24

August 21, 1998: MTV is announcing that they will feature the "world premiere" of the "Do the Evolution" animated video this Sunday on 120 minutes, which airs at midnight (check local schedules). Get those VCRs running!
addendum: Apparently the "DTE" vid started rotation on MuchMusic today. So much for MTV's premiere ;)

okay, so it's official

August 14, 1998: I guess we basically figured that we didn't have to report on the fact that the official web site posted a press release (that also went out to the media, which is why you're hearing it on your radio stations). Yep, there WILL be a DTE video. See the news story below for more info about it if you haven't already.

More On SVT

August 3, 1998: As PJ fandom anxiously awaits the release of the video tomorrow, a new development on the free CD front. Apparently, Sony has issued a cease-and-desist that may prevent the major retail chain in question (hey, we're not gonna give them any more free advertising!) from selling the video.

Billboard reports that the retail store in question negotiated directly with Pearl Jam for this promotion, and that only 50,000 cd's were pressed. People phoning their local store have been told anything from "we don't know anything yet" to "yes, we will be giving away the cd".

While this is a very cool thing, we wish that the band had negotiated with a national retail chain, as there are major parts of the country which do not have the retail chain in question anywhere near them. Yes, you can order it online, but they are only going to make 200 cd's available for online orders.

Since neither of us live anywhere near the retail chain in question, we cannot answer any more of your questions about this free CD. If we hear definitely yes or definitely no, we'll post an update, but those of you planning to travel may or may not actually get this cd tomorrow morning.

Single Video Theory Out This Week!!

August 2, 1998: PJ's home video, Single Video Theory, is slated for release August 4. It features footage of PJ in the studio rehearsing early and alternate versions of Yield songs (minus "Push Me Pull Me" and "Pilate") and interviews. SVT has received much praise from those receiving advance copies and lucky attendees at a sneak preview held in Austin Saturday night.

Now the frenzy has turned to a CD which will be offered to the first 100 or so people to pick up the video at Best Buy outlets or online at the Best Buy web site. There is no confirmation that this CD (titled Give Way), consisting of 17 songs from the March 5, 1998 Melbourne show [which was radio broadcast and web cast live], will be included at other stores. (Best Buy is listing it as "exclusive.")

Video Killed the Radio Star

July 26, 1998: There is lots of chat and interest lately in two PJ-related video projects:

The rumored "Do The Evolution" video for MTV: Since there's been no 'official' comment from the band on all the news stories running over the past few days, all we can tell you is what we have heard: allegedly, Spawn creator Todd McFarlane, has created a short animated film that PJ will be submitting (or have submitted, but god they will need to edit it) to MTV. MTV alleges that the debut of this video will be on August 15. A short animated film was shown during DTE during the recent Portland show. There is a little blurb here. We are not considering MTV a reliable source, sorry.

August 14 UPDATE: Yes, a press release was announced; it's official now, there is a DTE video, and it's being submitted to MTV. No word on a screening date, however.

Single Video Theory: There are countless online music sites taking pre-orders for this, as well as information on the Epic web site (not Synergy), but after the "In Hiding" single debacle, we aren't going to believe anyone, not your local radio station, not a sticker handed out after the Seattle shows, until we actually hold the video in our hands. We advise you to do the same. Unless you are in the band, or work for Epic and we can quote your name and title, please do not email us about this any more. =)

Chicago Cab Redux

Lots of you are writing to us with "news" of the forthcoming soundtrack for this movie, which will be featuring "Hard To Imagine," and wondering why we haven't said anything. We haven't said anything because this is old news - check it out for yourself, and thanks.

Florida Date Added to PJ Tour?

July 22, 1998: While we are still awaiting the "official" word (PJ are still touring, remember), nearly every radio station in Florida is announcing the addition of an added West Palm Beach date on September 22. The venue's web site (Coral Sky) is announcing tickets on sale August 8.

MuchMusic Airs Much PJ Footage!!

July 16, 1998: MuchMusic did a 30-45 minute spot featuring Pearl Jam today, including Phoenix footage (interview plus live shots from "Tremor Christ" and "Brain of J"), plus some older clips from the 95 tour ("Corduroy"). The interview basically reconfirmed what we've heard about the video (it will be interviews about Yield, plus 3-4 days of rehearsals), discussed why they don't like to make videos, talked about how Matt was the first person they thought of when looking for a replacement for the Yield tour, discussed the Seattle benefit shows and they showed the Oceans video (a first for MuchMusic, we're told). If you receive MuchMusic, get your VCR rolling. They will likely rerun this later or tomorrow morning during "videoflow."

More Cubs

July 5, 1998: Ed, don't ya know how to take a day off? [EV at Cubs 7/4/98] It seems as if he enjoyed himself at the game anyway. If you missed his rendition of "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" yesterday, you can catch it here:

audio [wav file] 1,040K

EV & The Cubs

July 4, 1998: Well, we hope some of you took our hint and tuned into the Cubs game in Chicago today, because yep, Ed sang, and was also interviewed between innings:

"listening to WGN RADIO, the broadcast on the CHICAGO CUBS game..they just introduced 'the great lead singer of Pearl Jam'....

both guys are talking to Ed Ved now...Ed Ved says during bating practice he was getting some help from one of the guys and it was bugging him =)

Ed Ved just said Seattle 'is a terrible place to see a ballgame'

Ed Ved is in GREAT spirits...he just said 'they've got to win this game, i'm singin the HARRY song...i just retired from sports'

Ed Ved is laughing and is having fun, this is a blast to listen to...Ed Ved just said they have a new song called Do The Evolution...."in a way, it kind of talks about how Corporate Companies have taken over ball parks..."

Ed Ved says he is looking forward to singing the song...DAMN I SHOULD HAVE PREPARED TO DUB THIS!!!

They're asking who Ed Ved's fav. Cubs' player is...Jose Cardenal (spelling ?!)...Ed Ved is throwing some facts back at the two WGN guys, he knows what he's talking about...

DAMN, after every hit you can hear Ed Ved saying "woo hoo"...funny!!! [so that's who is yelling in the background...heheh]

They just asked Ed Ved where he lives in Seattle...his response "Do you want the address?" HAHA!!! Ed's 2nd answer..."On the West Side, a nice view"

EV: "pretty good game today..."
WGN guy: "Ed Vedder of Pearl Jam is joining us in the booth today"
Ed Ved: "He's (he being Ed) taking over!"

EV was asked if he has ever met Harry C. and he said he has and that he feels very fortunate for having met him....

The inning just ended....Ed Ved thanked "Ron" for everything....

Thanks to Eric for the transcription. You can catch the rest of the game by going to the Cubs web site.

[Aug Bass Player cover]

Jeff in Upcoming Bass Player Mag

July 2, 1998: The August issue of Bass Player will feature Jeff Ament. Looks as if he will grace the cover (duh) and a story on Jeff and PJ will be the lead article.

"In Hiding" Single to Come Out of Hiding?

June 25, 1998: Epic is listing July 14 as the release date for the "In Hiding" single. No news on B-side song(s) or artwork.
Addendum: This was a radio-only release.

PJ Raising Buffalo Awareness

June 20, 1998: Members of Pearl Jam plan to meet today with the Intertribal Bison Cooperative, a non-profit organization of 42 Indian tribes striving to reestablish buffalo herds on Indian lands. Look for this to be the "message" at today's Missoula show.

Single Video Theory?

June 19, 1998: Could it be that PJ's home video, Single Video Theory, will finally be released? CDnow is currently taking orders for the 45-minute video and has posted a July 21 "expected release date."

TFC Cancelled for Today Due to Thunderstorms

June 13, 1998: Today's TFC show has been cancelled for the rest of the day, due to severe thunderstorms. Several concert-goers were supposedly struck by lightning and there is no word right now as to their condition.

5h's roving reporter for the TFC, Mari Gonzales, found some place to hide from the rain and call us on her cellphone, while waiting for the crowd to thin out:

"It was really one point, the thunder clapped so quickly and so loud, which to me means it was very very close.. people were running and screaming. It's not pretty up here. They came out and said that they would try and pack as many of today's acts into tomorrow as they could, and apologized to the people who only had tickets for today..nothing about refunds. The only major acts who played were Dave Matthews Band and Live; last act onstage was Herbie Hancock (I think!). I didn't see anyone interesting walking around."
We'll keep you posted as to anything we hear tomorrow. However, since the schedule for tomorrow is likely to shift drastically, be sure to pay close attention to the website so you don't miss anything; however, with thunderstorms also forecasted for tomorrow, and the condition of the injured concertgoers up in the air, the status of tomorrow's show is in question. Addicted To Noise will continue to feature hourly reports throughout today on the condition of the injured fans and the status of the show.

well, damn it, he did it AGAIN!

June 12, 1998: No sooner did tonight's Bulls v. Jazz game end, than the wire service stories hit, noting that once again, Eddie Vedder sang the national anthem. It was not televised, but hopefully, some enterprising obsessive taped it off the radio this time? We'd like to talk to you if you did (and could make it worth your while, heh).

Eddie Sings National Anthem At 3rd NBA Playoff Game

June 7, 1998: Shortly after the end of tonight's basketball game, the news began hitting the wire services that none other that one Eddie Vedder sang the national anthem at the start of the game!

This was not televised (so don't shoot yourself if you missed it), but apparently was broadcast on radio! Needless to say, if anyone got this on tape, let us know!

Eddie on Letterman: Mystery Solved!

May 21, 1998: So we all sat up last night watching (or taping) Letterman, based on the clue given to us on Synergy, only to find no Ed. (And no, that was NOT Mike playing with Soul Asylum!)

Tonight we got email from someone who attending the taping of tomorrow night's show, who reports:

I went to tonight's taping of tommorow's (appearing on Fri) Letterman show. Eddie was in a skit about a VH1 look back at Paul Schaefer. Eddie has a line or two saying how Paul was the inspiration for Jeremy.
So, set those VCR's!

Edited Matt Cameron Chat Transcript

May 11, 1998: We know it's several days after the fact, but since people are widely getting excited over news stories claiming that Matt Cameron himself said there would be a TOTD reunion this summer, we thought we'd post this way-edited transcript so you could read for yourself. (All you're missing is technical drumming and Soundgarden related questions.)

the wishlist cover

"Wishlist" etc.

April 30, 1998: Let's kill two birds with one stone (lol!):

On a similar note, there is a Japanese release of "In Hiding" slated for May 12, as seen on various music retail web sites. We don't have any other info on this just yet.

First Opening Act Announced

April 23, 1998: Seattle faves Goodness will be opening for a few dates this summer, so far Missoula and SLC confirmed, according to the band's official web site. (It seems that PJ are going to continue the tradition of taking the locals out with them; can we make a request for the Murder City Devils??! =) )

We will begin tracking all future opening band announcements in Going Mobile.

Ten Club Tickets Begin To Arrive

April 22, 1998: Fans have begun to receive their Ten Club tickets for various shows, mostly those early in the tour. So, look for yours to arrive over the next few weeks.

However, please don't write us if you haven't gotten yours by, say, Friday; we can't do anything about it, and the Ten Club said, "mid-May," and the instructions on the ticket form say to write them if you haven't gotten your tickets two weeks before the date of the show, so we'd suggest not flooding them with email either just yet, but obviously you can do what you want....

So far, reports of fans getting excellent seats. As usual. =)

And yes, it is too late to join the Ten Club and get tickets for this tour.

Matt Cameron To Perform On Letterman

April 19, 1998: Synergy reports that it will indeed be none other than Matt Cameron debuting his role on the drum stool this summer when PJ appears on Late Night With David Letterman in two weeks. Can't wait!

"Wishlist" To Be Released May 5th

April 19, 1998: We were waiting until we got our own scan of the artwork, but since so many of you are either asking or telling us about this, we thought we'd post it now. Let's hope the retail distribution of this radio-friendly single is a little better than it was for GTF...

Matt Cameron To Replace Jack Irons on '98 Tour

April 17, 1998: We have personally confirmed the news story, released on Rolling Stone Online, as 100% true with Silver Management (management of Soundgarden): Matt Cameron, the best fuckin' drummer in the world right now, formerly of the late, great Soundgarden, will be replacing Jack Irons as PJ's drummer on the upcoming tour.

Cameron is not joining Pearl Jam as an official member, and for now will just be their touring drummer.

As most of you know, Matt Cameron was part of the early history of Pearl Jam, both as the drummer for Temple of the Dog, as well as the drummer who worked with Stone and Jeff on the demo tape and in the early days before the band had a 'permanent' drummer.

This is going to make things interesting, to say the least. =)

We have no other information about this situation at this time.

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

April 9, 1998: It's been confirmed that Eddie will be conducting the crowd in a seventh-inning stretch singalong of "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" at a forthcoming Chicago Cubs game (date not yet confirmed), in tribute to the late, much-beloved Chicago Cubs game announcer. The Chicago Cubs have a web site at, and you can listen to all the games in RealAudio (but you can't record!), so when this happens you'll be able to hear it. When we find out the date, we'll post.

PJ To Play Tibetan Freedom Concerts!

March 31, 1998: Rumor Pit #31 confirms the long-standing rumor that PJ would appear at this year's Tibetan Freedom Concerts, to be held June 13 and 14 at Washington, DC's RFK Stadium. There's no ticket info yet, but we'll add these to the Going Mobile calendar and keep you updated when this information is available!

"Wish List" B-Side Announced

March 31, 1998: The Rumor Pit also confirmed that the b-side for the "Wish List" single would be an unreleased track called "U". Can't wait to hear this!

"Dead Man Walking" Concert To Be Cybercast

March 17, 1998: AudioNet has announced that they will be cybercasting the "Dead Man Walking" concert, featuring Eddie and Jeff (and other artists), to take place on Sunday, March 29. The cybercast will start at 6:45pm PST, and requires the (sucky) Microsoft NetShow software, so follow the link and get the software set up now.

"Wishlist" Next Yield Single

March 10, 1998: Epic confirms "Wishlist" as the next single; no specific date (that we could find), and no news as to what's on the b-side (yet).

Extra Tickets For All Aussie Shows Released

March 5, 1998: Triple J announced tonight that PJ have officially released extra tickets for all the remaining sold-out Australian dates. The tickets are available through the relevant local ticketing outlets. (Gee, sitting up late listing to JJJ before the broadcast via the net pays off....) Apparently, this was the case at the shows earlier in the week as well.

Epic (Finally) Confirms Letterman Appearance

March 1, 1998: Epic Records has finally confirmed PJ's appearance on David Letterman, scheduled for May 1, 1998. (That's MAY, not APRIL.)

Check out the Epic Records site if you want to see it for yourself!

And so help us if they cut PJ off mid-song again. We'll start a letter writing campaign the likes of which they have never seen...

Dead Man Walking: The Concert Tix On Sale Saturday

February 28, 1998: Tickets for this benefit show go on sale March 1 (time still TBA). The concert will be held at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles on March 29, and Eddie and Jeff are slated to appear. Tickets are $30-100, with special "Golden Circle" tickets (including a reception with the artists) are $300. You can buy them from any LA area Ticketmaster, or by calling 213/480-3232. Golden Circle tickets are available from 213/833-1537 (and are available right now). Other TM outlets and charge-by-phone numbers will probably have them, but you'll have to call yourself ahead of time and check to make sure.

March 5 Melbourne Show To Be Broadcast Live

February 28, 1998: PJ's Melbourne, Australia show on March 5 will be broadcast live on Triple J. The good news is that JJJ has a 24/7 live webcast, so you can listen no matter where you are!

The broadcast will start at 9pm Australian EST. If you're in the U.S., that translates into 2am PST (late Wednesday night/early Thursday morning) -- figure it out from there! =)

Neil to play with PJ?

February 20, 1998: It's been going around that Mr. Young will be showing up on stage at the second Maui show tomorrow the 21st. Stay tuned.

Update: New Newsletter & Ticket Forms

February 18, 1998: Well, the new Ten Club newsletter, along with the ticket form for the 1998 tour, landed in our mailbox today. Yes, this form includes ALL the announced shows on the 1998 itinerary, including the Canadian dates.

Different from last year is that the allotment is a maximum of two tickets for one show only. There is no geographical restriction; you can go see any show anywhere in the U.S., no matter where you live. Most expensive ticket is Seattle, which comes out to $32.30 a ticket, including a fan club service charge of $2.30 per order and "all local facility charges". Most of the dates, however, are in the $25 range.

The forms must be postmarked by March 16. No idea if it pays to return your form immediately to get the best seats, but why not send it in as soon as you get it just in case?

And just an (obvious) FYI, even if you got a copy of the form from someone, unless you're a Ten Club member, your order will be trashed. (So don't ask us to send you one, please.)

Oh, and the newsletter is way cool, but we don't want to spoil it for those of you who haven't gotten yours yet.

Ten Club Ticket Forms Sent Out

February 16, 1998: The Ten Club ticket forms were mailed out last Friday, February 13; some fans have already received them.

The deadline to return the forms is March 16, so everyone has plenty of time.

However, if you're not already a member, it looks like you're out of luck this time around. So JOIN THE TEN CLUB NOW and you won't go through this next tour! =)

More details when one of us actually holds a form in our hand, probably tomorrow.



33 Tour dates announced today - see the 1998 Tour dates for the full itinerary. There are two legs, the first, opening in Missoula on 6/20 and ending in Seattle on 7/21, is more focused on the west and the second, starting 8/17 in Indianapolis and ending 9/19 in DC, focuses more on the east, with both legs overlapping in the midwest.

They are using Ticketmaster for some areas (LA and NYC specifically - Madison Square Garden!!!) and will be using alternative ticketing for the rest. Ten Club members will be able to purchase tickets, probably the same setup as before (two tickets per to ur, either two tickets to one show or one ticket to two shows) but this isn't definite yet. We don't know what the cutoff date is, so if for some reason you are NOT a member, go and do it RIGHT NOW (visit ).

This is an amazing schedule! There are also dates built in to allow multiple shows in various cities (NYC, Toronto and LA stand out, as well as Seattle [we would HOPE]).

The press release says that tickets will go on sale for each city in early April. We do not know when Ten Club members will receive forms or how it will work, so please don't ask us - when we know we will post it!

Ed and Jeff to Appear At "Dead Man Walking: The Concert" on March 29

February 12, 1998: Eddie and Jeff (among others) will be appearing at "Dead Man Walking: The Concert", a benefit for Murder Victims' Families for Reconciliation (MVFR) on March 29 in Los Angeles. T ickets will go on sale through Ticketmaster at the end of February. We have no more information on specifics at this time.

More information on MVFR and the causes the concert will be supporting is available on the web site linked above. Other artists appearing include Steve Earle, Lyle Lovett, Michelle Shocked, and Tom Waits (who, we will note, doesn't play live much!)

We will post more information as it becomes available.

Yield Debuts At #2

February 11, 1998: Yield debuted on the charts at #2. Sales were less than for No Code. We say: who cares?! More room for us fans! =)

The Reuters news story has the usual info, including sales for all the PJ albums (which is a popular question).

PJ Interview On MTV Live

February 3, 1998: We will admit that we have NOT been able to officially confirm or deny this, but it was too big to ignore - the strong rumor is that there will be an "exclusive" interview with PJ on MTV Live tonight at 6pm. Set yer VCR's NOW!

It's Over...

February 1, 1998: Wow, that was cool! Tracklist (so far - there are some holes, but too tired to deal with them now) is on our Monkeywrench Tracklist page.

Apparently more than a few stations censored bits(heard Matt Lukin's phone message got chopped), cut things out, and in a few cases pulled the plug (or at least threatened to). Considering that this one was imo less in-your-face political than the first SPR... I don't get it.

UPDATE - Monkeywrench Radio Guests Confirmed

January 30, 1998: Update (4pm) ... although the interview on KISW never happened, Mike McCready was on the radio (another station) and confirmed the following for tomorrow night's broadcast:

Pearl Jam, Zeke, Tuatara, Hovercraft, Mudhoney
and that they are working on getting Pete Drodge

January 30, 1998: We've gotten confirmation regarding guests for Saturday night's broadcast: Chris Cornell and Tuatara will definitely be performing (which explains the "members of R.E.M." statement from yesterday).

Barrett Martin! WOOOOO! [sorry, editorial comment =)]

KISW Interview @ 3pm Today

*sigh* ... this didn't happen

Newbury Comics Contest

January 30, 1998: The great Boston-area record chain Newbury Comics is running a contest where you can win a way-cool PJ leather jacket or fleece jacket. Go enter. =)

Monkeywrench Radio Guests

January 29, 1998: The Mudhoney mailing list reports that Seattle's faves will be appearing on Saturday night's radio broadcast, and also mentions appearances from "members of R.E.M." and a rumored appearance from Chris Cornell. (The latter was supported by something Matt Cameron said last week during an online chat, and the R.E.M. connection should be obvious...)

Remember, the latest list of stations and cybercast sites is available on our Monkeywrench Radio page.

Update - 102.1 Interview Not Being Cybercast

January 22, 1998: Curtis Management has withdrawn permission for 102.1 The Edge to cybercast the 1/27 radio interview. We really don't understand why they don't want PJ fans around the world to be able to share this, we're hardly suffering from overexposure right now, but there it is. The Q107 interview the same night will also not be cybercast.

Check out our Yield Media Watch page for a full roundup of this and other events.

Update - Probably No Vinyl Next Tuesday

January 22, 1998: While no music retailer, online or off, will actually confirm the fact in writing that the vinyl release has been moved to February 3, we're assuming that it is at this point. Oh well. Only a little over a week to wait!

Update - MuchMusic Unplugged *Not* Full MTV Version

January 21, 1998: We've had a bit of email going back and forth with MuchMusic (a Canadian music video channel) about this, trying to nail down exactly which version of Unplugged they were going to be airing (see the story below).

Today they confirmed that the version that will be aired will not include "Keep On Rockin' In The Free World". It is the original MTV broadcast - they had (somehow) confused "Porch" with KORITFW. So, no longer any need to panic, try to bribe Canadians to tape for you, etc. Maybe someday MTV will get off their butts and dig this one out of the damn archives....

Various: MuchMusic Airing Unplugged, No Video, Vinyl Date

January 18, 1998: We've been getting A LOT of mail about the items above, so we're gonna try to clear this up here:

Monkeywrench Radio To Be Cybercast!

January 16, 1998: Rocktropolis has announced that they, along with other music news sites on the net, will be cybercasting the broadcast on 1/31. This is great news for those not living in an area with a station who plans to carry it live, as well as for overseas fans!

More info about the Monkeywrench broadcast, as well as our continually updated list of stations carrying the show, is available on our Monkeywrench Radio page (follow the link or click on the banner above).

Chicago Cab Soundtrack to Feature "Hard To Imagine"

January 15, 1998: Some of you may already know that PJ will be appearing on the soundtrack album for the movie "Chicago Cab," to be released by Stone's Loosegroove Records label.

However, we've just learned that the PJ song will be featured on this album will be none other than a version of the elusive "Hard To Imagine"!

This song most recently surfaced last year during the soundcheck to one of the Barcelona shows, raising fans' hopes that it would appear on the next PJ album or at least get added to some live setlists. (Sure would be nice to hear it in Maui [hint, hint].)

The album is slated to be released some time in April of this year, and apparently you will be able to order it in advance from the Loosegroove site.

Second Maui Show Added

January 11, 1998: The moment many of us Maui-bound PJ fans have been waiting for: a second show has been added for Saturday, February 21.

Tickets are on sale now, and you can get yours by calling the Connection at 808/545-4000 or 800/333-3388. They are open 24 hours, so no need to worry about time zones!

SonicNet To Broadcast Mike/Ed Solo Set From TFC Next Week!

January 9, 1998: We've gotten advance notice that Sonicnet will be rebroadcasting Ed and Mike's solo set from the Tibetan Freedom Concerts last June!

As you probably remember, their appearance that Sunday was a big surprise and many of us missed it. While Eddie and Mike's guest appearance with R.E.M. was rebroadcast last month, the solo set was sadly missing.

Tune in to Sonicnet (follow the link above) next Wednesday, January 14 at 8:00pm PST to hear this; you'll need the RealAudio player so if you don't have it, GET IT NOW!! =).

GTF Promo Single Contest

January 9, 1998: The Ultimate Band List is having a contest this month in which they are giving away the promo single for "Given To Fly". Details on the UBL site (follow the link above) and good luck!

Fan Club Single Free Giveaway!!

Jean got a surprise when she went to buy her copy of GTF today; the record store gave her, gratis, a copy of the fan club single! We were wondering why, and then someone sent us this, from Sony's site:

Pearl Jam is offering a free 7" with the holiday singles ("Happy When I'm Crying," and R.E.M's "Live for Today") from participating Independent Record Store. All someone has to do is print the coupon and bring it to a participating store!
This promotion is going on from January 10 to January 30, or "while supplies last." There's also a link on that page (which has a REALLY COOL yield sign [even if it's spelled wrong in the page title! Jeez guys! =)] on it!

January 29 Broadcast Moved To January 27

January 7, 1998: The radio interview with Eddie and Jeff, originally scheduled for 1/29, has now been moved to Tuesday, January 27.

The interview is scheduled to run from 6-7:30pm EST on The Edge, 102.1, in Toronto. There will also be a cybercast - more details on that closer to the date.

Yield Vinyl Release Date: January 27;
GTF Horror Stories

January 6, 1998: Some poking around on CDNow's web site produced the information that Yield will have an advanced vinyl release, one week prior to the CD and tape.

Of course, if Epic distributes the album as well as they distributed the GTF single [heavy sarcasm], every fifth one of us will get ahold of it. Today was filled with PJ fans being continually frustrated in their attempts to purchase "Given To Fly;" we received mail where one fan was informed by the buyer for a major chain that Sony claimed the single and album release date had been pushed back; other stores had EXTREMELY limited quantities, and still others (here in Seattle, for example) you could find 7" and cassette, but no cd. Why on earth would they spend all this money on promoting the album but then not bother to put product in the stores is beyond us....

Reminder: January 29 Radio Interview

January 4, 1998: Just an early reminder to mark your calendars for the interview with Eddie and Jeff which will be broadcast on 102.1 in Toronto, and will be cybercast as well. The interview will take place at 6-7:30pm EST. We'll have the relevant links up and more details closer to the broadcast date.

Maui Tickets Arrive

January 2, 1998: If you're one of "the lucky ones" who are at least entertaining the notion of Maui and have sent in your ticket payments, your tickets will start arriving shortly: postmarked January 31, mine arrived (in Seattle) today.

Comedy Central To Rerun 1994 SNL

January 2, 1998: Comedy Central will be re-running the 4/14/94 Saturday Night Live appearance on January 30. This was the show hosted by Emilio Estevez, where PJ performed "Not For You," "Daughter" and "RVM," shortly after the death of Kurt Cobain. The perfect prelude to Self-Pollution Radio II, broadcast (we hope!) the next night!

Check your local TV listings for exact times; it will be run twice.

"Given To Fly" On Sale In Australia

January 2, 1998: Australian PJ fans report being able to purchase copies of GTF as early as today, obviously several days ahead of time.

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