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Modified Transcript from Chat Live! - Matt Cameron

Original modification by Bill Flanders; additional editing by 5h
May 6th, 1998

[Editor's note: In the interests of brevity, we've edited out everything that did not directly relate to PJ, TOTD or Matt's involvement with them.]

PearlGarden - Matt, how did you hook up with Pearl Jam?
Matt Cameron - pearlgarden...Stone called me and asked if I could fill in for Jack.

Deb - Hi matt, ho'ws the rehearsals going?
Matt Cameron - deb...So far the rehearsals are going splendidly.

Drummergirl - Hi Matt meet you at Letterman and you were great!
Matt Cameron - drummergirl...thanks, it was very fun but cold.

Christi - Matt, do you need alot of rehersals when you fill in for someone?
Matt Cameron - christi...For this particular gig I have to learn 60 songs so there's a lot of rehearsal.

Deb - What are you listening to right now?
Matt Cameron - deb...Lots of PJ.

StickIt - MATT, Are you going to be using your same setup for drums with Pearl Jam, or are you going to be adding/subtracting drums from your setup?
Matt Cameron - stickit...Will be using the same kit.

PearlGarden - *Matt* are you going to be Pearl Jam's permanent drummer?!!
Matt Cameron - pearlgarden...No,just filling in for Jack.

marrra - Dave Abruzzesse as a drumer - yes or no? And why?
Matt Cameron - marrra...Yes because he's good.

Fugazi - Hey Matt....are you going to record anything with PEarl Jam. Or is it strictly for the tour?
Matt Cameron - fugazi...As of right now, I will strictly be filling in for Jack on this tour. They have not yet asked me to record with them.

Fugazi - How did you enjoy letterman Matt?
Matt Cameron - fugazi...Letterman was cool but the studio was very cold.

outshined - Are C.C., K.T., or B.S. going to show up at any PJ shows?
Matt Cameron - outshined...Hopefully at some point the guys will show up.

Cronky - Are PJ gonna do any SG covers?
Matt Cameron - cronky...Maybe "Room A Thousand Years Wide".

outshined - Any chance of 4th of July ever being played live? By PJ or WWC?
Matt Cameron - outshined...No, 4th of July will always remain a Soundgarden song.

malone - Why did Pearl Jam change their style over the years
Matt Cameron - malone...Don't know you'll have to ask them.

skulmstr - what do you think is pearl jam's best stuff?
Matt Cameron - skulmstr...I like their last 2 records the most.

Yield - What's the difference between Soundgarden live and Pearl Jam live?
Matt Cameron - Yield...PJ actually likes performing and that's the big difference betweent the 2 bands.

Fugazi - matt is it going to be hard to learn so many pj songs for the tour?
Matt Cameron - fugazi...So far it's been fairly easy because their songs are based around the vocal and there aren't too many tricky parts in their songs.

Yield - what's your favorite pearl jam song to play?
Matt Cameron - yield...So far my favorite PJ song is "Faithful".

outshined - Matt - is PJ going to play any Temple of the Dog?
Matt Cameron - outshined...We'll have to wait and see.

Yield - is jack irons doing alright? will he return for studio recordings?
Matt Cameron - yield...I hope Jack is getting back to normal and as far as I know he will return to the band.

Yield - what was the letterman experience like?
Matt Cameron - yield...The Letterman experience was very cool. Everyone was nice but too damn cold.

Chuckster - Do you have any musical input in Pearl Jam?
Matt Cameron - chuckster...Not so much as input but they're not trying to tone down my style to fit their music.

Yield - If you were making a supergroup, would you rather have Chris or Eddie on vocals and why?
Matt Cameron - yield...To have the ultimate uber supergroup I would have both Chris and Eddie as my singers. My two favorite rock singers.

Yield - can you kick ament's ass in b-ball?
Matt Cameron - yield...No. He's a good player.

Yield - are you going to sing any this summer?
Matt Cameron - yield...I'll be helping out with back up vocals.

Yield - have you rehearsed any covers with pj?
Matt Cameron - yield...So far we've rehearsed "Leaving Home"

Moderator - Hi this is Al at Boom Theory. Matt has to get back to rehearsals so we're going to be signing off now.

Moderator - We want to thank everybody for taking part in the Chat Live! UK and to RHYTHM Magazine for co-sponsoring the event.

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