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1997 News, June-December

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Interview With Eddie on Sonicnet;
SPR II Scheduled for January 31?

Today is the rebroadcast of the Tibet Freedom Concert from last June on SonicNet. (Some of the links to this site on SonicNet seem to be broken, so try that one to take you directly to the page.)

While there is no audio or video of Mike and Ed's performances (thanks much, Sony!), there is a link to a recent, very amazing, highly personal, very thoughtful 40 minute telephone conversation between Adam Yauch and Eddie Vedder. "I'm still on Rolling Stones time," Ed begins the phone call, and then goes on to talk about his involvement in the Tibet shows, how it turned out that Mike and Ed ended up playing, and then reveals that PJ are planning (according to Eddie, anyway) another Self-Pollution Radio-type broadcast for the end of January (January 31, but remember, Seattleites are still waiting for the band to make good on Ed's promise of a December show made at the Key Arena show in '96; what the band genuinely wants to happen, and what actually can happen, are unfortunately sometimes very different things! =()

He also says that PJ are thinking about in taking part in next year's Tibet Freedom Concerts in Washington in June!

This interview is a must to hear for any PJ fan, in our opinion. =) Thank you, Ed, for talking to all of us.

happy when i'm crying

It's Really Here: The Christmas Single

December 7, 1997: Although Addicted To Noise already gave us some details, today I (caryn here) got my package from the R.E.M. fan club with the single in it!!!!!!!!!!

ATN describes the song better than I could, but it was absolutely wonderful to come home tonight and find this sitting outside my mailbox. I came in, threw my suitcase on the floor, and threw it on the turntable as fast as I could! It sounds FANTASTIC (doh)!

Addicted To Noise (click on the link above) has the single sleeve for R.E.M. fans on its web site, and if you click on the title of the song above, you can see the PJ side scanned in. I imagine that PJ will give us their own wonderful artwork, since the sleeve from the R.E.M. fan club only makes reference to them (doh!). Hopefully PJ fans will find this in their mailboxes soon (and hopefully those of us in both fan clubs get the benefit of BOTH sleeves!)

Tibet Freedom Concert to be Re-broadcast

December 5, 1997: If you missed out on the online broadcast this summer, the Tibet Freedom Concert will be re-broadcast Wednesday, December 10 at 8pm EST and will include a chat -- which Eddie is supposed to take part in!

More info, including an email address to send advance chat questions to at ATN and SonicNet.

Single Leaked To Radio

November 26, 1997: Radio stations from New York to Los Angeles began early, unauthorized airplay of "Given To Fly" today -- of course, the day before a holiday weekend, thus giving them 3-4 days of airplay before (and if) Sony chooses to serve them with a cease-and-desist. Turn it on and listen; maybe you'll get lucky!

New Album News

November 25, 1997: Well, there's still a lot of information, misinformation, rumored titles and tracklistings flying around. What we do know is that the single -- whatever it will be -- will be released on December 22, with the album -- whatever it will be called -- following on February 3rd.

The last report with an attributed spokesperson confirmed that the album's title is still tentative; Jeff even said as much himself in an interview right before the Oakland shows.

While we are very very excited and interested in the album and single, what's not interesting to us -- at all -- is the track list/title guessing game. Our personal opinion is that we don't care what it's called or what's on it until we go and buy it -- or, of course, until an official title and tracklist are released from Sony or from the band. Sorry.

Also, for what it's worth, I tried ordering the "Given To Fly" single advertised on Music Boulevard last week. Today I got email from them telling me that the single was "on backorder". This, to me, is a sign that it's completely fictional....

Maui Tickets - Public Sale Sunday

November 25, 1997: Tickets for the Maui show on February 20 at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center go on sale Sunday, Nov. 30 at 11 a.m. Tickets for the show are $26 and are available at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center Box Office and through the Connection outlets at the following locations and by phone: Remember, Ten Club members thinking about going: you must have sent in your request for tickets by Thursday, November 28.

Australian/New Zealand Tour Dates Announced

[sydney announcement]

November 19, 1997: Today's (11/20) papers and radio stations in the above-mentioned countries are now advertising dates for the forthcoming PJ tour, with tickets going on sale next Thursday, November 27.

Ticket purchasing info:


Ticket prices are $47 and there is a four ticket per person limit, although our sources couldn't confirm that for certain.

In Sydney, they will be available from Ticketek (02 9266 4800) or the Entertainment Centre box office; Melbourne tickets through Ticketmaster Australia (1800 338 998); Brisbane through Ticketek (07 3404 6700); Adelaide through VenueTix (08 8223 7788).

New Zealand

Ticket prices are $53, and are available from Ticketek.

Ten Club Tickets: Lots of you have been writing to us and asking about Ten Club tickets; apparently the Ten Club has said they cannot confirm anything about tickets since they can't confirm these dates. Sorry.

If you have any more info, please let us know, and GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!

Catalyst/Oakland Show Updates

November 14, 1997: We're in the middle of PJ's five-show run. All show reports are linked from the Concert Chronology page.

PJ To Play Club Gig In Bay Area Tonight

November 12, 1997: The rumors have been flying thick and heavy for weeks now, that PJ would be playing a small club gig as a warm-up show to the Oakland dates. We were hoping for another fan club show in Seattle, and then we heard rumors of clubs being booked in the Bay Area.

We've just gotten confirmation that Pearl Jam will be performing tonight at the Catalyst, a club down in Santa Cruz, CA, that Neil Young has staged secret shows at in the past. The tickets are already sold out (doh!). Hopefully, someone has gotten into the show and will send us a setlist and/or review, and (crossing fingers) there's at least one taper with a ticket.

Jeff Talks About Stones Shows, New Album:
"We'll probably have a title soon"

November 9, 1997: Today's San Francisco Chronicle features an interview with Jeff! In this great article, he discloses that PJ are working on album artwork this week and there still isn't a title; that PJ were originally asked to kick off the Stones tour with the shows in Chicago, but they declined, and later the Stones came back with an open invitation; that they aren't playing the Seattle show because Jeff thinks the Kingdome sucks sound-wise -- he saw the Stones there on their last tour.

About the new album, Jeff says: "`Rhythmically, and phrasing- and tone-wise, Eddie's doing stuff he's never done before. So I'm excited about that.'' There's stuff about TM and the (hopeful) 1998 tour. Lotsa good stuff; follow the link above to read the whole thing. (If the link goes dead, please let us know and we'll archive it locally.)

1997 Fan Club Single: PJ & R.E.M.?

November 7, 1997: It's being rumored that PJ and R.E.M. will join forces and release a joint Christmas single this year. We have no official confirmation from either R.E.M. or PJ to this effect at this time. R.E.M. have been sending out Christmas singles since 1988; should this turn out to be true, it's unknown whether fans who are members of both fan clubs will receive two singles or what. Again, while this is being widely reported, there has yet to be any official attribution.

Maui Show Announced!!!

November 6, 1997: The Ten Club announced today that PJ will be playing one show in Maui (that's in Hawaii) on February 20, 1998. Some tickets will be available to current Ten Club members (we warned you to renew that membership, now didn't we??). Full information on how to submit a ticket request (not a guarantee) on our Ten Club Ramblings page, featuring a transcription of the most recent hotline update.

Tibet CD Out

tibet album cover

November 4, 1997: The album is out. Ed and Mike do "Yellow Ledbetter". You decide if it's worth the money.

Correction: 4th Oakland Date!

October 24, 1997: Despite denials on all sides, a fourth date was announced for the PJ/Stones Oakland series. The fourth show will be on November 19th. Tickets go on sale next Thursday (10/30) through BASS. The Stones sold out four dates at Oakland Coliseum on the Voodoo Lounge tour, so this is hardly unprecedented.

Album Title, Release Date; Single Title, Release Date?, Possible Hawaii Shows, 4th Oakland Date

October 22, 1997: The Rumor Pit and every radio station in the country jumped on the news of the titles and release dates for the much-awaited next PJ album. Reported were Yield for the album title and "Given To Fly" for the single, with a release date of February 3 for the album, with the single coming out in "late December".

However, PJ manager Kelly Curtis was directly quoted by Addicted To Noise as saying as none of the above information was definite or confirmed yet. While we respect and appreciate the Rumor Pit, this isn't the first time they've reported incorrect information, and we personally will stick with Kelly Curtis' word as the truth right now.

As for the Hawaii shows, 5h has received information from an anonymous but reliable source that leads us to believe that these dates are probably going to happen. However, until we see the dates advertised or hear official word from Pearl Jam, please take that information with a grain of salt.

The fourth Oakland date has been denied by both Bill Graham Presents, promoter of the Oakland dates, as well as from Rolling Stones management. Tickets are still available for the third show on October 18.

Single In December, Some New Songs In Oakland

October 15, 1997: An interview with PJ manager Kelly Curtis, in today's Addicted To Noise, confirms that the album is finished and will be released in early 1998. The single will be released in DECEMBER (not November 11, or 22, or whatever garbage your local record store is spouting from old Sony release sheets).

Curtis also confirmed that the band will probably feature "a few" new tunes during their opening slots for the Stones next month (did you hear that? They aren't going to do an entire set of new songs! Doh!).

Follow the link above for the full story.

MTV: Stone, Bridge School Album Special

October 15, 1997: Stone was interviewed in NYC recently on the Brad tour, where he also confirmed that the album was done and would be released in February. His quote: "It's so rock." =)

He also commented on PJ's slot as openers for the Stones in Oakland: "The Stones are kinda genius."

Full interview to be found in the MTV News Gallery.

Also, MTV will be running a special on focusing on the forthcoming Bridge School Benefit CD, on which PJ will be featured performing "Nothingman". The special will feature video footage from the shows.

Tour Downunder???

October 10, 1997: Australian national TV announced this morning that PJ are touring Australia March 98, with tickets on sale in November! (We'll change the "no tour" banner when dates and venues are announced.)

Letterman Rerun and Brad Cybercast

October 9, 1997: CBS will be rerunning the Late Night With David Letterman show from last September on October 22. If you missed it the first time, now's the time to get your tapes and VCR's ready! It's too much to hope that they show the complete "Leaving Here" at the end, but who knows.

SonicNet will be having a live cybercast of the Brad show at Tramps in NYC on October 13 at 9:00pm EST. There will also apparently be another call-in session, like the one from this summer, where you can call and ask the band questions.

Oakland Sell Out

October 9, 1997: As of yesterday, the first two Oakland shows were complete sell outs, and there were only random single seats available for the third show. There are rumors of a fourth show being added; nothing to confirm at this time.

Second and Third Oakland Shows Added

Sunday, October 5, 1997: During the ticket sale for the Oakland show on 11/14 today, a second and then a third show were added to the schedule. Pearl Jam will be opening all three shows for the Stones, which will take place on Friday 11/14, Saturday 11/15, and Tuesday, 11/18.

It's unknown at this time whether any more dates will be added, or whether the Stones will be playing a heavily rumored small club show in the Bay Area during that time period. While there haven't been any opening acts at Stones club shows thus far (Toronto and Chicago), smart money would bet on PJ opening any club show the Stones choose to do in San Francisco. Ticket availability for any of the shows is unknown at this point; a phone call to BASS would be your best bet.

Personally, we're hoping for potential warm-up dates for PJ in Seattle following the Brad tour and right before the Stones shows. They've gotta warm up somehow, right??? =)

Oakland Tickets On Sale Sunday, 10/5

We're breaking the 5h news 'blackout' on this story to give you basic info: the Sprint pre-sale for this show went on sale today and sold very quickly. The tickets go on sale to the general public for the 14th on Sunday, 10/5, at 10am PST, via BASS. The second show will probably be added as soon as the first show sells out. Tickets are $65 for the floor and first two levels and $39 for the nosebleeds (plus relevant service charges, of course). You can find a diagram for the venue here, but this is not the Stones setup and they're not showing the correct floor sections. More than that, we don't know, so don't ask.

ATN Reports: Tour Next Year, No Release Date For Album

Our fave online music mag, Addicted to Noise, has a great interview with PJ manager, Kelly Curtis. In the interview, he confirms that PJ will not be using Ticketmaster next time out; that the album still isn't done; and that there won't be a tour until the album comes out in 1998. Great story, follow the link above.

IT'S OFFICIAL: yep, they're opening for the Stones!!

The Rumor Pit and the Ten Club have confirmed that PJ are opening for the Stones at the Oakland Stadium, November 14 and 15. The Ten Club further confirms that there will be no fan club tickets available for this show (as it is not a PJ show, natch).

Tickets go on sale through BASS Tickets. The exact on-sale date isn't known yet, but they will definitely go on sale some time AFTER October 4. When we know the exact date, we'll post it. Ticket prices run anywhere from $60-$75; uncertain what they'll be for Oakland.

More on this as we have it.

Brad Tour Dates

Brad has a heavy tour schedule for October. Here is the current list of dates, as verified by the Satchel Online Partnership.

Interview With Stone:
"I don't think it's been announced yet so
I'm not going to be the guy announcing it."

September 19, 1997:Great interview with Mr. Gossard in today's Toronto Sun. Unfortunately, no pictures. :( Among other things (like NOT confirming PJ's slots as openers for a certain tour, hint hint), he also tells us that the new album will be out in February. NOT by Christmas. So, who you gonna believe -- a stupid unattributed source on some rock magazine page, or Stone Gossard himself? It's up to you...

Yet More Stones: It's STILL Not Official

September 17, 1997: This isn't news, but I'm going to explain our position here so we don't have to answer any more email about it.

I combed the net today, reading all the reports. What did I find? Most people are saying "sources close to Pearl Jam". Those who are saying "a Pearl Jam source" aren't naming the source, and the band *never* do that. If it is an official source, then there'd be a press release from PJ, from the Stones, from the promoter, or from Sony.

There are no press releases out there; Billboard magazine has not even deemed this a story, which says a lot for the story's lack of credibility. The Ten Club hotline has been down since this thing exploded -- why wouldn't they update it if it was official? Sony and/or Synergy/Rumor Pit haven't said a word -- and Synergy updated their page on Tuesday with the new Brad dates.

Until we hear or see something from Sony, Synergy, the Rumor Pit, or a *named* PJ spokesperson, it's not happening, and we're not going to say that it is. Not that we would know, but our guess is that the band are having a very hard time with this decision. When they've reached one for sure, they will let us know, just like they always have. And if for some reason they don't, the promoter, the Stones, and the label will. That's what we're waiting for.

Here's a direct quote from a San Francisco Examiner story about the rumor: "However, a spokesman for Bill Graham Presents, which is putting on the Oakland Coliseum show, said Pearl Jam's appearance has not yet been confirmed. And in regards to a second show being added, Corey Humpage said, 'There's room for a second show but that would be based on (ticket) demands.'"

FYI, the Official Rolling Stones website is currently down. The people at (notice how we don't make that a hotlink!) are a TICKET AGENCY -- in other words, a scalper. The story on their web page is lifted without attribution from Wall of Noise. We do not recommend you buy tickets from these people; members of Undercover, the Rolling Stones mailing list (hi Steve!) have cautioned strongly against dealing with them, based on their experiences on previous tours.
This is the last word we have on this subject until an official announcement is made. Sorry.

More Stones: Ten Club Denies Any Official Word Yet

Email to the Ten Club denies any official word -- yet. Oakland tickets go on sale at the beginning of October. We'll see. Right now, however, chances are looking pretty good, but anything can happen.

PJ and the Stones

September 12, 1997: The Stones rumor mill has been abuzz since the dates were announced that Pearl Jam would open a few shows. No, this has not been verified in any type of official (or unofficial) forum. Caryn is going to several Stones dates on this tour and is very plugged into the fan community, so if there's any news she'll certainly hear about it and let you know (after she buys her tickets, of course =) ).

Truth to the rumor? Who knows. The rumored dates are after the Brad tour, so it's certainly possible. We know that Mike, at least, is a HUGE Stones fan (see our April Song of the Month, which was taken from a 12/31/92 performance where PJ opened for Keith Richard and the Xpensive Winos if you want more documentation. There was some chat during the last Stones tour that PJ would open.

Keep in mind that the Stones do not share PJ's ethic regarding cheap ticket prices, and tickets for this tour are selling out VERY quickly. You'll spend a bundle and have to fight rabid Stones fans just to see a short PJ set. If you're not a Stones fan, you'd probably be better of sitting at home and waiting for the tapes!

More on this if/as we have it.

Another Non-News Item:
"Jeremy" Vid and Washington Murder Trial

September 12, 1997: We weren't even going to justify this nonsense with a news item, but since so many of you are writing to us about it, we'll encourage the morbidly curious to visit the Seattle Times web site, which has many stories about the trial. Search by date -- there have been several stories this week.

No New Album or Tour News

We want to reassure everyone since there's been a lot of hysteria over the new album and tour dates. The fact is: there is NOTHING verified, no matter what you read in any magazine, hear on any radio station, or read on alt-music.pearl-jam (and we don't care if a stupid Seattle alternastation allegedly announced tour dates. When PJ plays a Quick Stop in New Jersey, we're all in trouble).

The last word we had on the subject was from the mouth of Stone Gossard, doing press for the last Brad tour, who said that they were done, or close to done, with recording the album.

Again, however, this doesn't mean anything necessarily, until we hear from the band otherwise. We'd like to remind everybody that neither the last album or tour were secrets, everyone heard about it in plenty of time -- there's no need to panic! We are anxiously awaiting this news as much as any of you, but the plain and simple fact is that there is no official word, nor will Sony or the band want to keep this a secret from us. =)

Tibet CD Tracklisting

The much-awaited live album from this year's Tibet Freedom concerts will be out on November 4, and *will* feature Mike and Eddie, performing (LARGE *yawn*) "Yellow Ledbetter". Of course, they couldn't give us that allegedly way-different version of "Corduroy", and instead feature one of the most over-performed and over-played songs in the PJ repertoire. *sigh*

It's also going to be a mucho-expensive three CD set. Yes, the money is going to a good cause, but still.

The full story is available on Addicted To Noise.

New Brad Tour Dates

To dispell the crazed rumors of the alleged PJ fall tour, here are the new Brad tour dates, as verified by the Satchel Online Partnership. No word on ticket sales or anything else. Check your "local listings" for further info.

Yes, PJ could still do those alleged West Coast dates in November, but it would be difficult. We think a spring tour is more likely at this juncture.

Okay, we goofed

In our eagerness, we were a month early. Hype! won't be out until September. Our apologies. =)

Bridge School Album Release Announced

According to the September issue of ICE, the Bridge School album release date is tentatively scheduled for November 18 (Reprise). The expected tracks:

Pretenders, "Sense of Purpose" (95) Elvis Costello, "Alison" (90)
Ministry, "Friend of the Devil" (94)
Patti Smith, "People Have the Power" (96)
Hootie, "Till the Heartache Rolls In" (95)
Simon & Garfunkel, "America" (93)
Beck, "It's All in Your Mind" (95)
Ann & Nancy Wilson, "Battle of Evermore" (93)
Pearl Jam, "Corduroy" (94)
Mazzy Star, "Ride It On" (94)
Tom Petty, "Shadow of a Doubt"
Bonnie Raitt, "The Road is My Middle Name"
Jackson Browne, "Soldier of Plenty"
Neil Young, "Stranger in Paradise" (93)
Neil w/ Crazy Horse, "Love & Only Love" (90)

Two additional tracks by Bowie and Tracy Chapman are also expected.

PJ and Pals Purchase to Preserve

Members of Pearl Jam and Soundgarden donated $400,000 to the Land Conservancy to save 220 wilderness acres in the Cascade Mountain foothills. Without their generous contribution, the land would likely have become mining or resort property. The whole story is in the 8/19/97 Seattle Times. Hail, Hail to PJ and their continuing generosity to good causes.

Hype! Released On Home Video

August 19, 1997: Hype!, the excellent documentary about the Seattle music scene, was released on home video today in the U.S. (and probably Canada). The movie features excellent interviews and footage of Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, the Fastbacks, the Young Fresh Fellows, The Gits, Seven Year Bitch, Nirvana and other Seattle notables. You can read our review of the film in case you still don't understand why you need to have this. =)

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Dies

Okay, it's only tangentially Pearl Jam related, but we thought we would share this news with you for those who haven't heard. You can read a news story here.

Another Brad Cybercast Tonight

Just a reminder that the Brad show from the Troubador from LA will be broadcast tonight at 6pm PST. This cybercast is sponsored by Sony, and you'll need to go to the Sony Siren site to listen. You'll need a RealAudio player in order to listen to the show.

Ramones Video and Live Album Out By Christmas; Features Eddie V. and Others

The long-awaited Ramones home video and live album, featuring the amazing last performance at the Palace in Los Angeles last August, will be out in time for Christmas, according to allstar magazine.

Eddie's contribution to the show was an apparently stunning version of "Any Way You Want It," by the Dave Clark Five, sung with Joey Ramone and Chris Cornell. According to the Addicted to Noise story last year about the Ramones' final show: "For the finale, Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder paid his respects by sauntering on-stage in the Pinhead mask, whipping it off to join the group in an upbeat fare-thee-well on Dave Clark 5's "Anyway You Want It," repeating the apt refrain, "That's the way it will be."

The full story is available at the allstar web site. Something to add to your Christmas lists!

Brad Cybercast Live From Dallas

Brad promo shot

AudioNet will be featuring a live cybercast of the Brad show from Trees in Dallas tonight, July 23, at 11:15 CST.

You'll need a *barf* Microsoft plug-in to listen to this show, so check out the link above ahead of time and get yourself set up to listen!

Even more Brad: In addition, the word is Brad will be guest hosting MTV for an hour the following night (Thursday, July 24) at 1:00 a.m.!

If you miss the Dallas broadcast, they'll also be doing a cybercast from the LA show on July 27, and apparently they'll have an 800 number you can call to ask the band questions.

New Ten Club Newsletter Out

cool photo of stone from ten club newsletter #11

A new Ten Club newsletter has begun to arrive in the mailboxes of up-to-date Ten/Vitalogy Health Club members. This is the much-delayed issue 11 and is pretty cool, including some live shots of the guys from the last tour; a handwritten 'diary' of a few shows, including his Rome solo dates, by Eddie, and the usual cool merchandise offerings, including the opportunity to buy almost every poster from the 1996 tour, including European dates! We've seen these posters going for $50 and up (and closer to $100), so if you're into that kind of thing, keep your eyes out. There's also a sale going on of old merchandise, including Stickman tshirts and the like for discounted prices.

Our only beef is with the 'lecture' about the videocamera rumor:

"And WHO SAID VIDEO CAMERAS WOULD BE ALLOWED IN AT ALL FUTURE SHOWS? THIS IDEA IS PREPOSTEROUS!!!!! STULTIFYINGLY RIDICULOUS! Imagine a crowd full of squinting, one eyed fans peering trough a tiny mechanical eye attempting to capture what should be FELT, not digitally reproduced on cheap video, the most UNROMANTIC of all mediums,...
So we assume that Mr. Vedder will be leaving the Super 8 at home at any future Ramones shows? Gimme a break. Coming from the band who 1) video tapes EVERY live performance they do, and 2) whose lead singer is a well-documented video NUT, this is a little hypocritical to us. You don't want video cameras? It's your right to decide, and you're perfectly entitled to say no; it's incredibly generous to say "yes" to audio taping. But don't lecture us how horrible it is, especially if you're someone who lives somewhere where you'll never get to see the band. Live video serves its purpose.

Lots of other cool things, too, but we don't want to spoil it for you if your copy hasn't arrived yet. =)

Hype! US Video Release

The movie Hype!, a great documentary on the "grunge" explosion, will be released on video in the U.S. on September 19. The movie had been available on video in Australia, and bootleg copies had been circulating in the trading community for a while now. If you seen this movie, you'll finally get your chance when the video gets released this fall. You can read our review of the movie if you're not familiar with why we recommend it so highly.

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