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1996 News

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L.A. Times interview -- All is well, says the band

All of the band spoke with Robert Hilburn in Barcelona last month, and you can read the interview yourself. Be warned; if you're hoping for a return to the "old" Pearl Jam, this article affirms what we've known all along: the band finally are going in the direction they want to be going in.

Other highlights: we learn that Stone and Jeff originally initiated the Ticketmaster battle, not Eddie; the truth about San Francisco; how "Around The Bend" was written for Jack's son; why they like Europe so much, and why we only got 12 US shows this year. Go read!

Newsflash! Ten Club now says single due in early January

December 7, 1996 -- The Ten Club now says that there will be a Christmas single, which will be sent out "around the first of the year" to members who are current as of December 15, 1996. Zero hint as to what we will get or what will be on it (and personally we'd just like to see "Black Red Yellow" released in this country already), but they claim that we're gonna get something. More on this as it develops... as reported on the Ten Club phone hotline

No Christmas Single for 1996; Fan Club Dues Rise to $10

November 19, 1996 -- The Ten Club has confirmed that due to the band's heavy touring schedule this year, there will be NO Christmas single this year. Instead, they hope to issue us something "in the spring" (we've heard THAT before ;-) ).

Also, as of January 1, 1997, membership dues will increase from $5 per year to $10 for US residents, $12 for everyone else. Yes, it's a 100% jump, but it's totally in line with what other fan clubs for other major acts charge. The Ten Club is totally self-financed, e.g., they run the entire operation, from salaries to mailings, from the dues that fans pay.

They also had this to say about fan club tickets for future tours: "We have also been known to give members the chance to buy tickets before they go on sale to the general public. Please know this is not something we can guarantee to everyone, but keep in mind if the band makes it to your neck of the woods you will most likely be notified." (In other words, they ain't promising nothin', so if this is your only motivation for joining, save yer money!)

The Rolling Stone furor

Yes, the article sucks. Yes, Krist Novoselic posted to usenet. Yes, Chris Cornell dissed various RS VIPs in attendance at Soundgarden's 11/15 show at Roseland in NYC. Yes, Spin will be doing a cover on them -- read the Addicted to Noise story on it.

Our opinion? We weren't expecting anything different than what we got, so we do not share the general outrage, nor will we be participating in any boycotts. We're just going to ignore it, and suggest that everyone else do likewise. ;-)

New Brad album in the works

Word has it from Addicted To Noise staff writer Gil Kaufman that Stone's sort-of side project, Brad, are preparing to enter the studio next month to work on their second album. The band, which consists of Satchel's Regan Hagar and Shawn Smith, singer/songwriter Jeremy Toback, and (depending on who you believe) Stone Gossard, will gather at Stone's Litho studios sometime in December to lay down tracks with producer Nick Didia.

Latest "Daughter" tag ID'd

We've id'd the mysterious "Daughter" tag from the most recent shows! It's called "Noise of Carpet" by a band called Stereolab and you can hear a .wav of it here.

Berlin show to be broadcast worldwide via satellite

October 17, 1996 -- Today, yours truly heard on Seattle station KNDD that Pearl Jam's November 3 show in Berlin, Germany will become "Atlanta -- The Sequel." That's right folks. The show will be broadcast worldwide via satellite and any station who wants to carry it can do so free of charge -- once again Pearl Jam will take over the commercial airwaves. The air time is paid for by the band, not by any radio station or network, so if if your local station hasn't announced anything, call them and tell them about it.

(/me peers into the crystal ball and forsees dozens of over-priced, stupidly-named bootleg CDs on the horizon) Mark it on your calendar and buy a couple of blanks. If you miss it, don't worry -- go to I'm sure there will be hundreds of posts from people who will be willing to trade with you or will dub it for blanks and postage.

Tour Kicks Off in Seattle & Secret Show

September 19, 1996 -- the band began their 1996 tour Monday night at Key Arena in their hometown of Seattle. However, that wasn't before the band surprised everyone with an unannounced, surprise show at the Showbox, a legendary 800-capacity punk club in downtown Seattle. (We hope to have a scan of the actual setlist and a ticket stub soon -- no, we didn't get in. More on that later). The setlist at the Showbox included most of No Code, in order, as well as some surprises, such as "Wash". Celebs such as Mark Lanegan (Screaming Trees) and Brian Wood (Devilhead) were spotted entering or leaving the venue.

Monday's show found the band in fine form; reviews will be forthcoming. In more practical information, the line began forming at dawn, with the first people getting on line the night before. Extra tickets were made available at the box office 8pm the night of the show -- good news for ticketless fans who missed out or couldn't get through. The pit was the biggest horror scene probably since Indio.

Next stop, Toronto!

More Tickets

September 10, 1996 -- Phone-order tickets for the Seattle show (first show of the tour) have begun to arrive.

There have been reports of unknowledgable and clueless staff answering the phone at FT&T. This was also the case with the 1995 tour -- they've probably had to outsource their customer service phones. Be calm, be assertive, be clear in what your question is, and don't call unless you really have a reason to panic. The FT&T personnel at the box offices last year were extremely helpful. Just plan to get to the venue in enough time to be able to go to the Will Call window if necessary.

Ten Club Tickets for 1996 Tour Arrive

September 5, 1996 -- The first batch of Ten Club member tickets for the tour began arriving in the mail today. Tickets for Seattle and Washington D.C. have been reported -- no news on other shows yet.

If you'd like to see what this year's ticket artwork looks like, click here.

However, no reports of tickets ordered over the phone have been received yet (and we haven't gotten ours!). If you're worried about your tickets, and it's within two weeks of your scheduled show date, you might want to call FT&T at (800)659-7623.

Loosegroove Records Strikes Out On Its Own

After a two-year alliance with Sony/550 Records, Loosegroove Records, the label founded by Stone Gossard and Satchel's Regan Hagar, has ended its agreement with the major label.

In a recent interview in The Rocket, a local Seattle music paper, Stone discusses his reasons for severing the relationship, mentioning a need to be more independent and get back to the music:

"Sony was very cordial and dealt with the situation well," says Gossard. "They wanted it to work out and they realized the same thing that we did, that it really just wasn't [working]. When you're outside a company, your little label [has] a hard time getting priority. The original concept was for me to help smaller bands develop to the point that they could go to Sony, and Sony could help us out. We got far away from that. We were starting to shoot for, 'let's have a big hit.' I don't think that's where the label is right now. It was somewhat humbling and one of those classic life-learning experiences where you realize what you really want to do is a lot smaller and a lot less grandiose."

Artists on Loosegroove include Critters Buggin, Weapon of Choice, Satchel (who recently released a new album, entitled "The Family"), and Devilhead. Future albums will be distributed through RED, an arm of Sony Distribution.

Pull up to the bumper, baby

Garage, an 18-table pool hall, bar and Italian cafe opened on August 1 at the south end of Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood. Owned by Mike McCready, Kelly Curtis (Pearl Jam's manager) and a third party, it's a cool place to hang out and is the only real pool tables on the Hill (the one at the Comet doesn't count!). The building is a renovated auto repair shop from the late 20's.

On Tuesday, August 20, Pearl Jam held a private record release party for No Code at Garage. This was followed on Thursday, August 22 by a public listening party, sponsored by radio station KNDD (The End).

The food is excellent and the place would be highly recommended even if there was no Pearl Jam connection. Located at 1130 Broadway, a few blocks south of Pike Street. Open Tuesday-Sunday, 3pm to 2am.

Eddie is a punk rocker

Eddie and his wife Beth were spotted stageside at Lollapalooza on July 31, at the Gorge in eastern Washington State. Rancid dedicated a song to "Eddie and Beth, from Seattle", and Eddie was spotted at the side of the stage during the Ramones show, Super 8 camera in hand as usual. (That's how we recognized him, actually!)

He watched Devo while chatting away with Johnny Ramone, and later on viewed Soundgarden from behind the soundboard, also in the company of the Ramones guitarist. Alas, he remained comfortably enconsced at the side of the stage throughout Soundgarden's set, trashing our hopes for a Temple of the Dog reunion ...

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