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1999 News

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First European Tour Date(s) Announced & Confirmed

December 22, 1999: According to a web page of a European promoter, Pearl Jam are allegedly headlining not one, but TWO festivals in Germany, the weekend of June 9-11. (For a rough English translation of the page, click here, and then click the 'translate' button.)

UPDATE, 12/24:: The Ten Club has confirmed that PJ *are* playing these dates. According to an email sent to a fan, "They will do only a few festivals and the rest of their tour will be their own shows."

This is *all* the information we have at this time, please don't ask us any more questions as we don't know more than this! :)

Christmas Single News!

December 10, 1999: Don't read any further if you want to be surprised!

Really, don't read any further!

Last warning!

Did we mention this was your last warning?

Okay...if you've gotten this far, don't blame us! Our information indicates that the Christmas single songs will be called "Strangest Tribe" and "Driftin'," and the artwork is a drawing of Santa Claus, done by Mr. Vedder.

No, we don't know when this is going to be sent out (drat)! Can't wait to hear these "unlistenable" tracks. :-)

Ten Club Update!

November 29, 1999: It isn't much, okay, but it's something in a very dry news year: the Ten Club newsletters are supposed to be mailed out this week (according to people who have received notes from the Ten Club indicating such), and their web site, has a note on it that they are launching on Wednesday, December 1!

We hope this small bit of news will bring some much needed PJ holiday cheer!

Bridge Cybercast Press Release

October 27, 1999: Well, you already know the important details -- that both nights of Bridge will be cybercast -- but if you want to read the press release, it's here.

Here are the key URL's you can use to access the web cast. DO NOT PANIC OR SEND TONS OF MAIL IF YOU DO NOT FIND ANYTHING THERE TODAY -- they are still working on putting the pages together!

We hope to get the direct URL that bypasses the splash pages and we will post this to the Bridge School Guide, likely on Friday night or Saturday morning.

Ed to Open For The Who

September 29, 1999: As the C-Average web page announces, C-Average and their friend Ed are going to be opening for the Who's show at the Chicago House of Blues on November 13.

Ticket information: Tickets are $300 (no, that's not a typo) and go on sale this Saturday at 10am the House of Blues box office only. There are no phone sales. Limit is two tickets per person and they will be sold via wristband lottery.

NEW: A second show has been added, for Friday, November 11. Tickets are still the same price and the same limit, and go on sale this Saturday, October 16, at the HOB box office only. [Allegedly Pete was pissed that only 400 fans got tickets, and allegedly Maryville Academy that so many scalpers got so many of those 400 tickets. An anti-scalping voucher system will be in place for this ticket sale.] Yes, Ed and C-Average are opening this one too.

More on Bridge School Benefit Lineup

September 11, 1999: The Who and other guests are confirmed for the Bridge lineup, but it would appear that this is going to keep changing and therefore we're not going to keep reporting it (as it has no PJ relevance). And tickets do go on sale tomorrow (see below).

EV rolling stone cover

EV On The Cover of Rolling Stone

September 9, 1999: Yep, believe it or not, Ed is on the cover of the next Rolling Stone and speaks to the mag as part of an article about the most memorable concerts of the decade.

You can follow the link to read the article if you don't want to buy the magazine. But, the image above is truly memorable.

Bridge School Benefit Tickets On Sale This Weekend

September 8, 1999: According to the BASS Tickets web site, tickets for this year's Bridge School shows, to take place on October 30 & 31 will go on sale this Sunday, September 12, at 10:00am PST.

Now announced: "Scheduled to appear: Neil Young,Crosby, Still & Nash, Pearl jam, Billy Corgan & James Iha, Sheryl Crow, Green Day, Lucinda Williams, Brian Wilson. Plus Very Special Guests To Be Announced." Tickets are $45 and $35 and there is a six ticket limit.

Please note: you can ONLY buy tickets for the BSB through BASS. For those of you from out of town, they offer online as well as telephone ticket sales options. Please visit their web site to get full information on how (and where) you can buy tickets.

Pete Townshend Live To Be Released September 21

August 31, 1999: Just a reminder that this album, which features two tracks featuring Ed will be released on September 21. The album, consisting of Pete's 1998 benefit show for the Maryville Academy in Chicago, also features two tracks with EV on guest vocals ("Heart To Hang Onto" [as performed on Letterman last month] and "Magic Bus") from Pete's 1997 benefit show. The proceeds from the album also go to benefit Maryville Academy in Chicago.

PJ Confirmed For Bridge School Benefit

Yep, it's old news, but some of you need to see it here: PJ have been confirmed as one of the performers for Neil Young's annual Bridge School Benefit concerts, tentatively scheduled for October 30 and 31 at Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California. Tickets have not yet gone on sale nor is there any information on ticket sales at this time; we will report any on-sale information as it's available (tickets traditionally do not go on sale until September, when the full lineup is announced). We are also not going to be tracking the lineup rumors.

One note: this is not a Pearl Jam production so fan club tickets are not available to this show.

PT and EV to Appear on Upcoming Letterman Show

July 23, 1999: Ed is scheduled to appear with Pete Townshend on The Late Show (CBS) next Wednesday, July 28 (although it was originally unconfirmed on the Letterman guest listing at the time this news story first went up). It would be a good idea to get a blank video tape and figure out how to use your VCR over the next few days! =)

Rockfords Tracklist is Out!

July 18, 1999: According to Sidetracked, the much-anticipated Rockfords album may have a release date soon! Check out Sidetracked: a guide to Pearl Jam side projects for the tracklist and further details.

C Average Play Hometown Olympia, With a Little Help from Their Friend

July 15, 1999: Mr. Vedder popped up in a tiny shop last night lending a hand to C Average at the Yoyoagogo music festival in Olympia, performing an amazing round of Who songs. More in the 1999 Concert Chronology, as well as the review [with photos!]

EV To Appear On Townshend Live Album

June 30, 1999: Yep, it's true: Pete Townshend is releasing a live benefit album, featuring performances culled from his annual Maryville Academy benefits at Chicago's House of Blues.

A bonus disc includes two songs featuring two performances featuring Mr. Vedder: "Tattoo" and "Heart To Hang Onto" [the latter was a former Song of the Month].

The album (simply called Pete Townshend Live), will be released on either July 27, or September 28 (depending on who you ask). It's a good cause, and although the tracklisting is hotly debated by Who fans, a wonderful album.

Ed & C Average Strike Again!

June 25, 1999: What would you do if you were driving down the street in a sleepy little down north of San Diego, and saw the following on a club's marquee:
A dream, right? Well, for the people who found out in time to get tickets, it sure was. Ed and C Average play the La Paloma Theater in Encinitas, California tonight, for not one, but two shows! (It goes without saying that they are both sold out and then some.) Setlists and more details in the 1999 Concert Chronology.

Whale Song Soundbyte Available

June 24, 1999: The "long rumoured to exist song" titled "Whale Song" which will appear on the Surfrider album, MOMIII, has hit the net. Download a short mp3 sound file from the Surfdog site if you're curious.

EV Strikes Again

June 22, 1999: Mainstream media this morning was full of what now must be the worst kept secret of the year, that EV is allegedly slated to appear at a special benefit headlined by the Red Hot Chili Peppers at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles this Friday, June 25.

Lest anyone think that 1) this was announced or 2) your local radio station or MTV did any of their own investigative reporting, the media leak originated from an email from Flea posted to the official RHCP web site on Sunday, 6/20.

If this happens, Ed should once again be accompanied by Brad and Jon from C Average. But, of course, it's Ed, so anything could happen between now and Friday. In any event, look for a 5h live remote report Friday evening!

New! - 6/25 - Tonight's schedule!:

6:30: Doors open
7:30 - 8:00 - Bob Forrest (or whatever his name is)
8:00 - 8:30 - Mike Watt
9:00 - 9:30 - Eddie Vedder
9:30 - 10:00 - Perry Farrell
10:00 - 11:15 - RHCP
Barring technical difficulties, 5h plans another "live remote". At the worst, we'll have the setlist and info up as soon as possible after Ed leaves the stage - watch What's New later tonight!

Everybody Wants Some

June 2, 1999: Gary Charone, the new vocalist for Van Halen, has decided to call attention to himself by using Mr. Vedder's name. A recent editorial on a pro-life web site is titled "An Open Letter To Eddie Vedder." The press release states:
Gary is working with Rock For Life to bring a voice for the children to the music world. "Many musicians have used their talent, money and fame to raise money for the abortion industry," said Bryan Kemper, national director of Rock For Life. "Thousands of babies have died, thanks to efforts of bands like Pearl Jam and R.E.M. It's about time someone like Gary stood up for the rights of these babies."
No matter what your position on this highly-charged political issue might be, surely as a PJ fan you can share the outrage in using Ed's good name as a cheap ploy to get press. If it was "An Open Letter to Any Artist Who Is Pro-Choice," we'd ignore it.

You can read the letter here [this will open up a new browser window].

editor's note: Does it strike ANYONE ELSE as absolutely ludicrous that the guy who is now making $$$ by singing songs like "Hot For Teacher" is going to lecture Eddie Vedder about disrespect for women?!

While we have misgivings about linking to this web site, we still feel strongly about this. However, no matter what we think, we urge you to form your OWN opinion: get informed ... make your own choices.

Three Fish Tour Starts

June 1, 1998: Although the tour really started last Friday with a surprise show in Missoula, tonight Three Fish played their first official show at the Park West in Chicago. For all Three Fish (and other side project) news, reviews, and information, we'd like to remind you to visit our sister site, Sidetracked: A Guide To Pearl Jam Side Projects, which will have the latest and best info.

Friends chatted with Mr. Ament after the show, who had some information to share about the forthcoming TFC show:

Jeff said that he, and he alone, may be at TFC, and that Ed has formed a three person band for the show - who, in the words of Jeff, "may be the what, or the why, or whatever that was". I don't know for sure that it is the What, but I do know that he has a band. "You heard it from the source," quote Jeff.
Who cares if he gets up and does an interpretative dance backed by a Beastie Boys record. :-) But, the news of a band, and a three piece, is particularly intriguing! If this turns out to be wrong, find Mr. Ament and take it up with him. :-) You know how that Vedder character can be about *plans* ...

"Last Kiss" Artwork!!

May 27, 1999: Well, what can we say, besides "here it is!" Apologies for the quality of the image (blame Sony), but at least you get the general idea.

The writing to the right of the song titles is just the credits, but they also include the notes from the Christmas single about how the band found the songs - the "Ed found a 45' copy at the Fremont Antique Mall" stuff.

More: Pre-order "Last Kiss"

PJ Compilation News n' Rumors

May 25, 1999: Some various tidbits about potential PJ contributions, and more news about No Boundaries:

Matt Cameron in Modern Drummer

May 20, 1999: Mr. Cameron (who we are going to treat as an auxiliary member of the band until further notice, so hold those cards and letters) is on the cover of the July issue of Modern Drummer. [There is a short excerpt of the interview on the MD web site, follow the link above.]

One quote:

MD: You've known the guys in Pearl Jam for a long time, but how did your playing with them come about?

MC: I guess it was April or May of '98. I gave Stone [Gossard, Pearl Jam guitarist] some Wellwater songs to listen to, because the has a record label. I called him one time and Eddie [Vedder] picks up the phone and says, "Hey, what are you doing this summer?" and I told him I was just gonna be recording with John and hangin' out with April, because she was pregnant then. That's when they told me Jack [Irons] bailed out of the tour pretty abruptly, pretty late in the game. They asked me if I was interested in stepping in, and I said yeah, it sounded like a gas.

Also, the latest issue of PJ print fanzine Tickle My Nausea also has an excellent interview with Matt. TMN is highly recommended for any PJ fan; follow the link for more info on how you can order this excellent 'zine.

Last Kiss Release Date, More News On Benefit Album

May 7, 1999: The "Last Kiss" benefit single (see April 28 news story, below) will be released on June 8. You can pre-order it from by clicking here. The single will be available on both CD and cassette. All of Pearl Jam's profits from this single go directly to benefit the Kosovan refugees via CARE.

More: CDNow is offering FREE SHIPPING!

In addition to the single, Sony is releasing a benefit album titled No Boundaries. In addition to PJ & "Last Kiss" (which will be the first single from the album), other artists include Korn, Black Sabbath, Oasis, Neil Young, Indigo Girls and Silverchair, and feature live, rare or previously unreleased tracks. The album will be released on June 15. Proceeds from the album will go to three charities to directly benefit Kosovan refugees: United Nations Kosovo Relief Fund, CARE, and UNICEF. It has been confirmed that 100% of the UNICEF funds go to Kosovo refugees and focus particularly on children. Sony Music has already coughed up a $1 million donation to these charities. =)

More:April 28 5h news on "Last Kiss" release

Preliminary Three Fish Tour Dates Set

May 7, 1999: There have been several lists of Three Fish tour dates circulating the net; for the most definitive, personally verified list, we'd like to once again refer you to our sister site, Sidetracked: A Guide To Pearl Jam Side Projects. The webmistress of Sidetracked has been burning up the long distance phone lines in an effort to nail down dates and venues, and clear up discrepancies between various published lists. Remember, 5h will only be tracking *major* side project news; Sidetracked is your source for the details.

More:April 24 5h news on The Quiet Table release

No European Tour in 1999; South America Still On Hold

May 7, 1999: For those who haven't read the latest Rumor Pit update, PJ have been so kind as to let us know that they have changed their plans, and do not plan to tour Europe in 1999. (It was originally anticipated that they would be there this coming fall.) There are still no dates, but right now the timeline is for Spring 2000. Regrets to all Euro PJ fans. =(

In addition, the much-anticipated South American tour is still being discussed.

Last Kiss CD to be Released to Benefit CARE

April 28, 1999: Synergy has confirmed that Pearl Jam will release "Last Kiss" as a CD single to benefit CARE and the refugees in Kosovo. The band and Sony will not only be able to benefit those in need, but will be able to satisfy everyone who seems to be clamoring for this song due to the heavy radio airplay it has been receiving. The CD should be available in May.

TFC Tickets on Sale May 1

April 27, 1999: As confirmed on the web site (and verified by Milarepa), tickets for this year's U.S. Tibetan Freedom Concert go on sale this Saturday, May 1, at 10:00am Central Time.

Right now, we have only been able to confirm the following:

We do not know if all Ticketmaster *outlets* in the area will be selling tickets, nor do we know if any other outlets or phone numbers in the U.S. will be selling these tickets. If you call, Ticketmaster representatives may not have this information right now, as they tend to only have what's currently available in their terminals. If you don't live in the area, however, it's safe to assume that your local walk-in outlet will not have them and you'll have to rely on a phone number.

We will post updated information if we get it; however, we strongly recommend that you personally verify yourself what numbers will and will not be selling tickets. All TM charge-by-phone numbers are available on the Ticketmaster web site. If you plan on buying tickets, we would recommend watching the TFC web site, as noted above, and gathering phone numbers from the TM web site and start doing research on Thursday and Friday, when the TM terminal information gets updated.

Please direct your inquiries to the site and Ticketmaster. Good luck!!!!

Three Fish Album Release Date Set; Tour Dates Soon

April 24, 1999: The long-awaited second Three Fish album, The Quiet Table, will be released (finally!) on June 1. The album will be available on vinyl, and will feature three extra tracks; you can pre-order it from by clicking here.

Additionally, tour dates are expected any minute now, and the tour is slated to begin in mid-June.

For the full tracklisting and your other PJ side project needs, please visit Sidetracked: A Guide To Pearl Jam Side Projects. We'll only be noting the major news events here; Sidetracked is your source for more detail.

EV Solo To Play Chicago TFC

April 16, 1999: At today's press conference held this morning in New York City by Milarepa, regarding this year's Tibetan Freedom Concerts, it was announced that Mr. Edward Vedder will be appearing at the Chicago-area show!!!!!

The US show will be held at Alpine Valley on June 13th. There is no ticket information available yet; check out for more information. [Sorry, the web site is not quite ready yet and in our haste to get the news story up, we didn't go and check it. Apologies.]

Other bands on the bill include the Beastie Boys, Blondie, Live, Biz Markie, Chicago blues legend Otis Rush and others.

We have no information as to whether or not any of the other members of Pearl Jam will accompany Ed (and they probably haven't decided themselves yet).

There will other shows in Amsterdam (featuring Ben Harper, RATM, Thom Yorke, Joe Strummer, and others), Sydney (featuring Neil Finn) and Tokyo the same day; check the web site linked above for more information. The events will be cybercast. We will report ALL relevant info we get as soon as we get it. And no, there most probably will not be fan club tickets available for this show, as it is not a Pearl Jam production.

place/date Out May 5th

April 11, 1999: The commercial release of the awesome photo essay book place/date (featuring work by Charles Peterson and Lance Mercer) is officially May 5th. The book was released in hardcover to members of the Ten Club in late 1998; this is a paperback version which will be sold in bookstores.

If you didn't get a copy of the book from the Ten Club (although they still have it available to members only), aren't a member of the fan club, or couldn't afford the $30 hardcover price, you can order it NOW from and have it shipped the day of release by clicking here.

[A 5h review is available here if you would like to know more about this book.]

Ten Club Newsletter Hits The Streets

April 1, 1999: The new newsletter began arriving in mailboxes on the west coast, from San Diego to Seattle, today. This is ABSOLUTELY the coolest one yet - a perfect blend of the high-tech and great design of the more recent years with the personal touches of the earlier Ten Club mailings. You'll love it! There is also new merchandise available, and you can STILL get the fanclub only edition of place/date (so don't buy it you-know-where).

[If you're NOT a member, what are you waiting for? Info on how to join is available on our Ten Club page.]

Matt Cameron: "I'm permanently filling in"

March 31, 1999: In tonight's excellent, almost two-hour, very very VERY cool Boom Theory chat, Mr. Cameron not only uttered the above quote, but also shared with us the following highlights:

More specific to the question PJ fandom is tearing their hair out over, he cryptically made reference to being on "the two-year plan". Two years is enough for us - the drummer situation is now officially OVER. Rest in peace, and welcome, MATT!

The full transcript of the Boom Theory chat is available here; you can read an edited transcript on Ryan Parks' Matt Cameron site.

[This has nothing to do with the above, but check out these AWESOME photos we found while surfing the net in search of Adam Kasper's credits. These photos are most likely from L2L production - the page is dated 11/4/98.]

Matt Cameron:
"I'm not interested in joining the band permanently."

March 11, 1999: In the April issue of UK magazine Metal Hammer (out today), there's a quote from a forthcoming interview with Matt which states:

"I stepped in to help out the band on their US tour last year when Jack Irons was taken ill and I will be involved to some extent on Pearl Jam's new studio album [recording is expected to start in April], but I've made it clear all along to everyone concerned that I'm not interested in joining the band permanently. I've got too much else happening to make such a commitment."

And the "drummer situation" continues.

Happily, NOT News

March 10, 1999: Yet another dickless fucker with too much time on their hands has managed to alarm PJ fandom by posting in various locations that "Seattle radio" was reporting that Eddie was in a car accident. We have just spoken with the two main Seattle radio stations and they confirm that they have NOT reported such a thing (but that they're getting a lot of phone calls about it). This is obviously someone with way too much time on their hands, and they should probably consider getting a life. Synergy has also confirmed that this is a false rumor.

PJ Donate to PAWS Auction

March 3, 1999:: Pearl Jam, among other Seattle bands, have donated items to be auctioned off for PAWS (The Progressive Animal Welfare Society). The "Wild Night Auction" will take place on March 6 in Seattle; tickets are $75 each, and are available until Friday afternoon by calling 206-787-4500 ext. 255. Up for auction is "a framed poster signed by all five members of the band & just released book, "Place/Date" - the fan club edition". (No, we *don't* know which five members. This is not the time for a drummer situation debate :-) ) We don't know if they'll accept bids by telephone or by proxy, but if you're interested in bidding, might be worth a phone call.

There are also items from Soundgarden and Alice In Chains donated, the most noteworthy item being lunch with Chris Cornell and a trip to the recording studio to hear his forthcoming solo album!!!

PJ and RHCP To Possibly Co-Headline Reading Festival?

February 27, 1998: According to a comment by Anthony Kiedis on the Official Red Hot Chili Peppers web site, there is discussion of PJ and the RHCP co-headlining this year's Reading Festival in the UK: "Both bands playing both nights alternating the final slot. Again these are not finalized; it's up to the promoters and bookers--not the band."

The Reading Festival is traditionally held during August Bank Holiday Weekend, which falls at the end of August.

Grammy Awards

February 24, 1999: First, apologies for the false alarm yesterday; our source swore up and down that the sign said "winner", when in fact it said "nominee". See the message board for a full apology.

Second, they didn't win anything. Check out the Grammy web site yourself.

EV Interview [NOT] On SST Radio; SG On Seattle Radio

February 10, 1999: UPDATE - our humble verdict?

This so-called "interview" is bullshit and a publicity stunt. We apologize to all of you who stayed up to hear this; somehow, we thought that a web site connected with such a respected record label was trustworthy. If Eddie was doing this, he wouldn't be doing it through any "manager" (and last time we looked, his manager was a guy). Isn't punk supposed to be about integrity? We guess not.

We have NOT been able to confirm this 100% yet, but it IS on the web site in question, so if it doesn't happen, write them, not us! Screw Radio, an online radio station broadcast by legendary California punk label SST, is claiming that Mr. Vedder is going to appear on a talk show TODAY from 6-9pm PST. You will need RealAudio to hear this.

UPDATE: Okay, someone has actually heard a promo for this interview off the feed. We do have people lined up to tape it, and then re-encode it, and we hope to have the interview up tomorrow at some point.

As for Stone, he's scheduled to appear on Seattle alterna-radio station KNDD (who have a sucky web site and NO live feed) today at 4pm, probably to plug a JAMPAC benefit show that Loosegroove is sponsoring. We'll update if there's anything of Pearl Jam relevance discussed.

Chat With Matt!

February 5, 1999: Online drummers' resource site Boom Theory will be hosting yet another chat with none other than Matthew D. Cameron! The chat will take place on March 31 at 6:30pm PST.

From previous experience, only a limited (25 or so) number of people are able to be in the chat room and ask questions, and PJ fans will have fierce competition from Soundgarden fans who also want to chat with Mr. Cameron. In any event, someone always logs the chat, and we'll be sure to post a transcription here on 5h, similar to the May '98 chat. (Transcriptions of previous chats with Matt are also archived on the Boom Theory site.)

We're sure the purpose of the chat is to promote the new Wellwater Conspiracy album, but we're equally sure that Matt will have a hard time avoiding any "drummer situation" related questions.

(As a side note, Dave Abbruzzeze is having a Boom Theory chat on March 17; info on that chat is on the Boom Theory site.)

Remember, for more information about PJ members' outside projects (and yes for argument's sake we are going to classify Matt as a PJ member until we hear otherwise. It's not like we've added him to the "Band" page yet, so keep yer flamethrowers in park, okay?), be sure to check out Sidetracked: A guide to Pearl Jam side projects.

Mike's Tribute to Baker

January 28, 1999: As most of you are aware by now, John Baker Saunders, former bass player for Mad Season, passed away in Seattle on January 15. Mike McCready has written a wonderful tribute to his late friend in the latest issue of Seattle music 'zine The Rocket, and you can read the full text on the (unofficial) McCready web site, Given To Wail. Our condolences to Baker's friends and family.

Update: The John Baker Saunders Scholarship Fund has been set up "to afford children an opportunity to attend an arts camp which features music, dance, drama/storytelling, and visual arts workshops." Follow the link above for more information.

1998 Grammy Nominations

January 5, 1999: Yep, PJ have actually been nominated for three Grammy awards this year:

The show will be broadcast on Wednesday, February 24th on CBS at 8pm. Will the band show? Let's hope so.

You can check out who PJ are up against, and the full list of nominees, at the Grammy Awards website.

Stone Gossard On Drums!

January 5, 1999: No, this isn't the answer to the "drummer situation," but Stone is guesting in the drumming slot on a new Loosegroove project called Calm Down Juanita.

The track Stone plays drums on (there's only one) is called "Touchin' Myself". The project also includes members of Green Apple Quick Step and the Parc Boys, as well as John Doe of X and Skerik from Critters Buggin.

For now, the album is only available from the Loosegroove web site. We hope to have more information on this record later this week.

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