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pj/stones in oakland survival guide

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Tickets: BASS is releasing a bunch of floor seats today for all four shows, now that they've got the stage in place. It might be worth a phone call to BASS if you're looking for good seats or a miracle. Also, the newsgroups are filled with scalpers and people with good seats being sold for face or less -- the market is flooded. If you doesn't have a ticket or have a sucky one, it might be worth getting down there in time to play beat-the-scalpers.

Oakland Weather: right now the forecast is for cloudy weather today and rain for later shows. =( The show is rain or shine. You can check the Oakland Weather Forecast if you're coming from out of town, and think happy thoughts of NO RAIN! Just be prepared.

Video Screen: the latest rumor pit says that PJ will *not* be on the video screen. There are three screens, the enormous one over the stage, which is only used for the Stones, and two smaller ones on the sides, which have been used by all the opening bands thus far. Friends who have attended previous shows point out that the smaller screens are generally useful for the obstructed view seats, so we'd like to think that PJ will allow themselves to be filmed for this, but we think their fear of the shows making it out on bootleg vids will prevent that. =( Chances are that plenty of PJ fans will be in those obstructed view seats...

Cybervote!: The Stones are playing one song every night that's voted by fans coming to their web site. The Stones mailing list is lobbying for "Dead Flowers" for the first night, and we'd also like to urge you to vote for it, since Sheryl Crow came out to sing it with the Stones a few shows back. Maybe this would be a good song for someone in PJ to duet on (can't exactly see Ed coming out to sing on "Star Star" or "Under My Thumb," though the former would be *damn* funny). So, please help us out with your vote by going to the voting site.

general show info

The time on the tickets sez, 7:30pm. Based on previous shows, we will estimate that PJ will take the stage from 8:00-9:00, and the Stones will follow at 9:30pm.

Gates will probably open one hour before showtime; however, that is a GUESS. Parking lots should open around 4pm.

Stone Gossard has been quoted as saying that the band will be getting one hour to perform, 15 minutes more than the other opening acts thus far. If it was me (and it will be!), I'd plan on being in my seat at 7:30, or at least inside the Coliseum at that time.

Don't know where your seats are? A great map of the Coliseum, with the particular seating configuration for this show, can be found here. (Please note, there are other maps out there and they are all old configurations. This is the correct layout for these shows.)

Meeting Spot: People have been writing to ask us to recommend a good meeting spot at the Coliseum. A friend has told us, "The plaza between the stadium and the indoor arena. It's raised, it's between the south & west parking lot, it's accessible, it works." Will call is apparently there as well.

What's that small stage in the middle of F10?: The Stones use the stage to perform about three numbers in the middle of the show. No, it won't interfere with your view of the main stage if you're sitting near it. No, PJ will not be using it.

Not going to the show? 5h plans to bring you live reports as soon as possible each night (thank goodness for cell phones!). Keep an eye on our What's New page starting the 14th.

Taping/Photos: No, we do not know who will be taping these shows. There are about a zillion people trying to organize tape trees in advance; of course, they don't have anyone offering source tapes yet so this is pointless, in our opinion. We would urge everyone a little patience and discretion -- people whined about the 96 shows not making it out fast enough and in the end, everything came out. So stop freaking. You won't die if you don't get a tape or if you don't get it three seconds after the band walks on stage. We are very lucky in that the PJ community has a great many generous tapers; let's give them a chance to breathe.

As for photos, I don't have to tell you that this is a LARGE venue. If you're not in the first 10-20 rows, save yourself the hassle and leave your cameras at home. If you are lucky enough to be close, no, cameras are not allowed, but most people who have gotten them in thus far have not had them confiscated. Discretion would appear to be the order of the day if you're going to try.

public transportation to oakland

If you're from out of town and staying in San Fran, we recommend BART as the easiest and quickest way to get to the Coliseum. The Coliseum is the same stop as the Oakland Airport, on the Fremont line. BART generally puts on extra trains during concerts. BART runs from 4am to Midnight M-F, 6am to Midnight Saturday. From downtown San Francisco (Civic Center), the trip takes about 30 minutes and costs $2.75 one-way.

Maps, schedules and other info can be found at these web sites:

Warnings we have received say, "some of these BART stations are not places you want to be wandering around looking for your car late at night, like afater the concert. Most of the Oakland stations can be kind of iffy at night, with the exception of the Rockridge station in North Oakland."

Longer BART Trains Added For Shows: OAKLAND, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 7, 1997--BART will provide longer trains for the Rolling Stones' November 14, 15, 18 and 19 "Bridges to Babylon" concerts at the Oakland Coliseum.
After the concerts, additional BART trains will be kept on standby to help handle the anticipated crowds.
BART will also open its Coliseum station parking lot for paid parking, at $7 per car, to accommodate overflow parking for concert goers. Additional BART police officers will be on duty patrolling the parking lot and station.
BART personnel will be selling regular tickets as well as the prepaid round-trip flash passes from tables at the Fremont, Dublin/Pleasanton, Pittsburg/Bay Point and El Cerrito del Norte BART Stations. BART officials urge those going to the concert to purchase round-trip tickets or round-trip flash passes to avoid the long lines at the ticket machines.
There will be no direct service from the Coliseum BART Station to Pittsburg/Bay Point. Passengers with destinations on the Pittsburg/Bay Point line should transfer at the 12th Street or MacArthur BART Stations.

driving to oakland

[Note: we are not from the Bay Area, so we had to rely on friends for this info! If you have better information, please let us know.]

coming from SF:
take the bridge to Oakland. off the bridge, follow the signs to 880 south.
coliseum will be on your left 3-4 miles.

coming from san jose:
take 880 north. coliseum on your right. 30-40 miles.

coming from east bay (berkeley):
80 south. follow the signs to 580 east hayward/oakland. exit 980 downtown oakland. this veers to 880 south, follow it 3-4 miles to the coliseum, it will be on your left.

We've also had recommendations to drive to a suburban BART station (downtown Berkeley, for example), parking there, and riding the train to the Coliseum.

Thanx to t. and Betty and stonesdude and other Glimmers for this info.

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