If you do not see the information you need here, please don't write us and ask us about it. If we know, it's here. If it's not here, we don't know. When we get the information, we'll put it here. We are doing our best.

Another year, another tour, another Going Mobile -- this time with an international flavor!

For those of you not around in 98, this is how it works: the calendar on the left shows PJ Tour World as we know it. Click on a show date, and information about the show pops up in this side (go ahead, try it!)

The kind of information we will be presenting includes: venue name, address & phone number, a link to a seating map, how to buy tickets, venue capacity, opening band, and basic directions.

If this information is missing for a particular venue, this is where we need your help -- fill in the blanks! If you are local, call the venue. Call the promoter. Get the missing information, and mail us!. This document is for *you* and we cannot do this without *your* help!

IMPORTANT: What we will *not* be including is information on accomodations, parties, sign campaigns, or fan gatherings. We will be *delighted* to link to web pages created by local fans that have *constructive* information in any language (we would prefer bi-lingual pages, as we recognize these shows are primarily for you, the European fan, whose native tongue is not English; it's great if you can translate in order to share with other fans).

Venues are listed by the closest major city, but we also identify the exact address and location below.

At the bottom of the calendar page will be links to articles that will hopefully help you in your PJ quest, as well as links to sites that can help you plan your trip.

If there's anything else you'd like to see here, let us know, and if you can help us with directions or anything else, please write!

However, please do not write and say, "That web page you linked to is only in German/Dutch/French/etc., can you tell us what it says," because we are in the same boat as you are. We are relying on our European friends to provide us with the translated information, which we will supply here.

Finally, we can't give individual advice on how to get tickets, the best way to travel, what train to get, where to stay, etc., so please don't write us and ask. We strongly urge you to join Bugs, the European PJ mailing list (or at least read their web site), if you are looking for help or have specific questions.

***all times are LOCAL***...and information in quotations was supplied to us by other fans. If you disagree with it, don't flame us; just send us the correct information. Thanks.

Be sure to see our useful links at the bottom of the calendar page.

Bon voyage!