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Five Horizons is in NO WAY associated with Pearl Jam, except that we are fans. We are an unofficial, fan-based information resource.

Linking, borrowing, copying, stealing

All written content on Five Horizons, with the exception of the Articles Archive, was created specifically for the page. This includes the FAQ, the (now removed) Concert Video Guide, the Concert Chronology, any articles self-authored for the Article Archivessection, the band bios, etc. All the graphics on the web site were created specifically for Five Horizons. None of the original content that appears on this web site can be used anywhere else without our express written permission.

We realize it may be hard for you to understand why we are doing this. However, this was the first Pearl Jam site since Mike Vanderploeg's page (the first PJ page on the web) where over 80% of what's on it was created for it. Please respect our hard work by honoring our wishes. We do enforce our copyright. For more information about why we are doing this, please read the Five Horizons FAQ.

Copyright notice

Five Horizons is a non-profit educational endeavor, and any copyrighted works featured here are done so for educational purposes only. We have credited the authors/photographers etc. when known. If your work is here and it's not credited, please let us know and we will immediately credit you or remove your work, or link to it on another site if that is what you wish.

If you aren't the original author, here's the deal: we spent hours transcribing articles, scanning photographs, and creating this web site so the resources are available to ALL Pearl Jam fans. Much of what was out there was of poor quality, inaccessible, or incomplete. If there's something here that you want to use on your web page, please do us the courtesy of writing to us first. In any event, this content is designed to be dynamic and links will change often, so it's in your best interest to check with us first.

HTML and browser capability

This site is mostly low-tech for a reason; we are mindful that not everyone in the world, especially fans overseas, has a high-speed internet connection and the latest speedy computer. Many of you are accessing the site over a modem using an older computer. Unless the technology offers a specific benefit, we aren't going to use it just to prove that we can. It is more important to us that you can access the site quickly, than it is to have the latest web bells and whistles here.

"Your site sucks! Why don't you have..."

...because it's our site. The site is designed to load quickly and navigate easily. If you don't like it, we invite you to make your own.

Rumors, news, information

The Five Horizons policy is: unless we see or hear it ourselves from a RELIABLE source, it's a rumor. We think it's unfair to fans to print anything we hear just to make our page look interesting. We personally have been made fools of by groundless rumors. So you won't see them here. If you are a reliable source and would like to help us officially or unofficially, please write us.

Who we are and why we do this

In December '95, a few of us started discussing the lack of a really strong PJ web site. There are are hundreds out there now, most with the same links, the same pictures, the same copies of the FAQ. We wanted to create something that would be a valuable resource to fans, that wouldn't just be a list of links, but a destination (thanks Seth ;-) ). Caryn Rose, Andy Dunn, and Carl Sylvester were the first people to discuss it, and they later recruited, Jean Bruns and Chris Mansfield. Due to the extreme personal commitment required, in 2000, the only person left on this list is Jean.

We met on the old Pearl Jam mailing list, the Garden of Stone, and later met each other in real life for the first time at the Marcus Ampitheatre show in Milwaukee, July of '95. We work in various industries and have full time jobs. We specifically deal with the internet in the course of our daily jobs. (In other words, yep, we're geeks.)

Why "Five Horizons?"

There were five of us (originally). It was PJ without being blatantly obvious. It's a resource for PJ fans all over the world (the "five horizons" -- north, south, east, west, sky). It was vaguely spiritual which was important to some of us.

Oh, you mean, what song is it from?

You'll have to figure that one out yourself...

five horizons privacy policy

We promise that we will never sell, give, or loan your email address to anyone, ever.

Any email sent to us is private, unless you send us a flame, or any type of abusive message, in which case all bets are off and we can do whatever we want with it. If you wouldn't say it to us in person, don't say it in email.

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