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10/7/91: The Mason Jar, Phoenix, Arizona


One of the best things about maintaining Five Horizons is when veteran fans, those really there at the earliest days, surface to share their moments, memories or memorabilia with us ... and on the luckiest occasions, a combination of those.

Dave Schwartz wrote in recently to share the above amazing photos taken by a friend at the 10/7/91 show at the Mason Jar, in Phoenix, Arizona. He writes:

I was looking through all the old shows I've gone to and I have some info of the 10/7/91 show at the Mason Jar in Phx, which you say only 7 people were at. I wish there was only 7 but actually there was right about 100 people, Geffen recording artist I Love You opened the show.

I worked for Tower Records at the time before the show the band minus Eddie (who was sick) came to Clicks Billiards (40th St and Thomas) and shot pool with a bunch of retail. Video of this whole event does exist, the old Sony rep was filming the whole time, but God only knows where she is now.

Do you have anything like this to share with us? let us know!

Photos exclusive to 5h at the request of Dave Schwartz