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The Misfortunes Of Stardom - Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder on Shannen Doherty, the Wanna-be Princess of Pop

"Someday, Doherty may have her own rock-n-roll groupies to distract her. A big fan of U2, Guns N' Roses and Pearl Jam (she would love to meet lead singer Eddie Vedder), she enjoys toying with the idea of having her own band." -- People Magazine, November 9, 1992

Darby: Could you tell us about your brush with Shannen?

Eddie: I'm the kind of person that I... I don't usually get into anybody's shit or anything. I don't worry about litle silly things but she like... I didn't even know who this person was. See, I went to stay at this hotel in San Diego one night where I used to work the midnight shift as security. It was really cool because I lived in a shitty neighborhood, and pretty much had a shitty life but I could go and stay at this fancy hotel at midnight and check in and get a bottle of wine and go up on the rooftop and write songs and stuff.

Darby: How long ago did you work there?

Eddie: Like three and a half, four years ago. I worked there for a long time. I'd done midnight shifts for like five years before I moved up here (to Seattle). It was a great thing--kinda like preying upon the rich. So, when we (Pearl Jam) were going to play at Iguana's (a club in Tijuana, Mexico), I thought it was going to be really cool, because I was going to stay in this hotel and get drunk, just like the old days. So, I go and check in and I'm with my friend, who's the valet, and I'm embarrassed 'cause I'm checking in at the front desk and I'm having to use a fake name. And I'm checked in under Ruben Kincade. Every once in a while, there's problems or a pain in the ass. I put myself out in public all the time and I just want to sneak away and play guitar. So, here I am under this name and he goes, "let me tell you. This person (Shannen Doherty) has been trying to figure out when you were going to stay here and she has been fucking around with everyone at the hotel." And Shannen ended up fucking with him hard-core because she found out we had been friends. It was like, she never said, "this person's cool, I like his music. Do you think we can hang out" or "I'm this person and maybe he knows my work or whatever." Maybe she knows that if I knew her work I would never hang out with her.

Darby: So when exactly did this occur?

Eddie: It was this summer. She was staying in the same hotel, doing some TV movie.

Darby: You're talking about that movie Obsessed? Eddie: Something about a teenage whore.

Darby: It was like a Fatal Attraction-type movie.

Eddie: So she was probably using her obsession with me to get inspiration. Well, I heard that she was really rude to a lot of people. They have a concierge at this hotel and they said that she came up to him and said, "I heard this band is playing in Mexico and I want tickets and I want passes. Make it happen."

Darby: So she wanted to go see Pearl Jam.

Eddie: She demanded backstage passes. "Make it happen." That was the quote. I heard this from the valet and then they called the concierge. And then she was calling our office, and... I've had a girlfriend for eight years and we're like a total team and she just happened to be at our management office and was there the day that Shannen's office called and wanted to know if I had a girlfriend and wanted pictures and all this shit.

Darby: She was having her office call to find out her statistics for her?

Eddie: Yeah. And my girlfriend who was with me at the MTV Awards was looking out for Shannen just waiting to kick the shit out of her. And my thing was like, "I would probably beat the shit out of a guy who was doing that to you, so go for it." Shannen Doherty would have been dead meat.

Darby: Did they get her tickets?

Eddie: Yeah.

Darby: So did she ever end up meeting you?

Eddie: No. But I know I would just spend the whole time puking if I met her anyway. I mean anyone who seriously wanted to meet me or gain my confidence would never show up at some Republican thing. I don't even know what she did.

Darby: She led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Eddie: I've never read an interview with her. I've seen her on Arsenio a couple of times. I don't have any feelings for the person, but I just don't think you can get around in life by being a fuck. You can't treat people like shit. And everyone I know who treats people like shit haven't come from places where they've been shit upon.

At the bottom of the page Eddie said this about Shannen's video shoot for Slaughter:

"That makes it even more offensive to me that she's interested in our band and she did something for Slaughter." -- Eddie Vedder

This article was also in the newsletter next to Eddie's interview.

SAN DIEGO, CA -- During the recent filming of the TV movie, Obsessed, with William Devane, Shannen Doherty seemed to live the title of the drama, obsessed with Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam. And her obsession with being a bitch, unlike the cologne, smelled less than pretty. Even less than alcohol-induced bile.

When she found out Eddie was staying at the same hotel, she used an alias to call the front desk and said "Oh, can you tell me what room he's staying in? He's a friend of mine and we're supposed to party together tomorrow night." Of course when Eddie was asked about this he said this wasn't the case. That he wasn't friends with and had no intention of "partying" with her. Later, when she attempted to telephone his room she was told by the operator that he wasn't taking any calls. "Oh, he'll take mine," she cooed. He didn't.

Shannen's comeback within the body of an interview she did for US magazine in their March, 1993 issue:

"US: One particularly mesmerizing item in the 'I Hate Brenda Newsletter' concerns Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder. He talks about your attempts to contact him. Do you know anything about this?

Shannen: (laughs) I think I was going to the MTV Music Awards and I was trying to figure out who I should take. So I said to my publicist, "I have a crush on Eddie Vedder." I've never met him, but I think he's extremely talented and very good looking. I don't know one woman who wouldn't want the opportunity to [meet him, I think]. So I guess my publicist called his publicist, and it turns out that he's been with the same girl for, like, seven years, which I think is great. It was dropped, and that was the end of it.

US: In his version of the story he says that you were staying at the same hotel in San Diego and invested quite a bit of energy in attempting to phone him.

Shannen: I don't think so! Did he really say that? That's pretty tacky. From what I understand, he wasn't even staying at the same hotel. My makeup artist was actually the one who was trying to get hold of him, because she has a crush on him too (laughs). But I didn't try to call up his room or anything. Even if I did, it would make me a very normal girl. The sad part is that he felt like he had to lie and pump up his ego by saying that I did that. I just think he should have been flattered that I even wanted to meet with him at the MTV Awards and left it at that. [pause] My crush is now over."