Going Mobile:
The 5h PJ Road Trip '98 Guide

The purpose of this section of Five Horizons is to help those of you planning simple or extended road trips this summer to see PJ.

The calendar on the left shows PJ Tour World as we know it. Blue boxes mean show days; green boxes mean show days with on-sale dates available, and yellow boxes mean the shows have already gone on sale. This will help you get a visual grasp on how the tour is set up geographically and date-wise; you can see what shows fall on weekends, or you can see what the state-to-state comparison is for planning your driving.

Clicking on any of the state names will bring up information about that show in this frame, such as: maps, driving distance from the previous show, venue name, address & phone number, a link to a seating map (that may or may not be valid for the PJ show, but it'll give you something to work with if you're showing up at a venue ticketless), and other helpful hints. We are planning on including other info such as opening band, venue capacity, and other useful stuff.

Please note: we are specifically not stating whether or not a show has "sold out" for many reasons -- one, it's safe to assume that almost any date PJ play this year will sell out day of sale or shortly thereafter, and two, tickets get released all the time for various reasons. For example, LA, MSG and NJ are all "sold out", but smart people keep finding single seats periodically turning up on the TM Online web site. (See our Ticket Buying Hints article for more info about that.)

Venues are listed by the closest major city, but we also identify the exact address and location below.

At the bottom of the calendar page are links to articles that will hopefully help you in your PJ quest, as well as links to sites that can help you plan your trip.

If there's anything else you'd like to see here, let us know, and if you can help us with directions or anything else, please write!

Happy roadtrip! We hope to see some of you on the road this summer!

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