it's fun to stay at the...

Shoreline Ampitheater, Mountain View, CA
31 October, 2000

I have no idea if the last two songs of this show were any good. I was laughing too hard to notice. Or to care, for that matter. For the first time in my life, part of a Pearl Jam show was not about music.

Moving on to the more important issue, the costumes. The best costume - by far - was the biker costume worn by Mike McCready. Let me describe that rich get-up: large cow print chaps (white and light brown in color), black underwear underneath the chaps (tightie whitie variety, not boxer variety), black leather jacket (zipped up), black wig (straight, shoulder length hair), black thin moustache (which most of the time was half on, half off his face).

In my book, Stone's costume takes second place. It was only a cop jacket, a cop hat and a black thick moustache but it was funny as shit. I, for one, will never forget Stone wildly circling backwards waving his pick hand in the air while playing guitar in that ridiculous outfit.

Ed and Jeff are probably tied for third. I have already said that Jeff looked hot as a construction worker, but maybe it was just that it's the first and only time I've seen him in a pair of jeans. Fairly tight jeans at that, thank you very much. Jeff also had a fake moustache, but for whatever reason it didn't look as funny as Mike's and Stone's.

Ed had a huge Indian headdress, a white Indian shirt (with some red and orange Indian pattern on it) and an Indian covering of some kind over his front section from his waist to the top of his legs.

Matt was also obscured by his costume. Army fatigues, a red baseball cap. And, of course, a fake moustache.

*smooch* The band probably has no idea if the last two songs of the show were any good. Some lasting memories I will always cherish are those of Ed visibly laughing at Mike, Stone walking over mid-song and kissing Mike on the lips, Jeff carefully pressing the loose half of Mike's moustache back on to his upper lip mid-song and, of course, McCready constantly turning his backside for all to see and twice lowering his underwear - once for a significant period of time - in the apparently mistaken belief that there was some person in the crowd had never seen his ass before. (see: 3/6/92. Does anyone not own this video?)

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Photos thanks to Chris Rogers and David DeBolt