Going Mobile:
North America 2000

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Once again, we bring to you Going Mobile, your essential guide to seeing Pearl Jam on the road.

This information is a collaborative effort. While we can gather basic info like venue addresses, etc., the rest of our information comes from YOU. We are not personally familiar enough with every venue in North America to have this information in our heads, and we rely on you to help us help other fans by sharing information.

If you have better directions to the venue, if you have tips on the best place to park, if you're making a web page about the show & surrounding area, by all means, please let us know! This is how we build these guides. But this also means that if you disagree with this information, that does not give you the right to flame us mercilessly; all we can do is our best with the information we are provided with. If three people give us three different sets of directions, all we can do is present what we're given. If you can correct that, please do.

If you wish to make a web page for visitors to your city, with more indepth information regarding restaurants, places to hang out, hotels and camping - by all means do so, and if it's good, we'll link to it. As with Europe, we are not publicizing local parties (too many!) or sign campaigns (which should really die their rightful deaths anyway).

Venues are listed by the closest major city as determined by the "official" tour list from Synergy. (If you have geographic quibbles, take it up with them, not us.) We also identify the exact address and location below.

Buying tickets: Right now we are guessing who the ticket seller is; in most cases, it is indeed Ticketmaster (as it was in 1998 in a great many cases). But do not freak out if you go to the Ticketmaster site and you don't see Pearl Jam or your particular show listed; generally, listings don't show up on the TM web site (or in their computer if you call them) until the week of the show at the earliest; listings very often do not appear until the day or two before the tickets go on sale. (And before you start pelting us with "How do I buy tickets" questions, we're working on a FAQ for you. Give us a few days.)

***all times are LOCAL***

At the bottom of the calendar page are links to articles that will hopefully help you in your PJ quest, as well as links to sites that can help you plan your trip.

If there's anything else you'd like to see here, let us know, and if you can help us with directions or anything else, please write!