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the 5h post-tour depression blues fun pack

Since everyone we know was fighting end-of-tour depression, we thought that this month's Song X should be something fun! There's something here for everyone ... games, sound files, video files - you name it!


sound & vision


"Goat" [mp3 - 1,685K]:
If you haven't heard this, from the very first demo tape PJ made as a band (when Eddie flew up from San Diego to audition), you don't know what you're missing. =) (And if you can tell us more about the history of this "song," please let us know!)

eddie sings the national anthem

"eddie's anthem"

Q: "Are you gonna do the Star Spangled Banner one of these days?"
Eddie: "Uhh...yeah, but i would play electric guitar like Jimi Hendrix...and i'd have it be wireless so i'd start the song at home plate, and i'd run around and then slide into home to finish it off...and I imagine the crowd would pretty much boo me, it would be a worse showing than Roseanne..."

-- MTV interview, 9/20/92

Yep, it's what we've all been waiting for: Mr. Vedder's rendition of "The Star Spangled Banner" from the second NBA playoff game earlier this year:

(And no, we can't tell you where we got this from, so don't ask; grab these files while you can, who knows how long we'll be able to keep them up!)

If this didn't cheer you up, well - remember, the tour's gotta end before another one can begin. Thanks again to PJ for a summer to remember!

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