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dead man

February 1997 Song X

The studio version of "Dead Man" is the b-side from the "Off He Goes" single. We have chosen to feature one of the few live versions of this song that exists, from 11/4/95 in San Jose.

A little background on the live version: we have the Fastbacks to thank for this. Apparently Kim was backstage about to go on and was very nervous. Eddie asked her what was wrong and she told him she was nervous to walk out there to chants of "ed-DIE, ed-DIE". So, ed-DIE said, "I'll take care of that," grabbed a guitar, and walked out onstage. We didn't even recognize him at first, and we certainly didn't expect it. Points to the taper who did and managed to grab this song, since we know of several who weren't there yet or weren't ready!

This soundbyte of "Dead Man" is digitally encoded and the song is available in its entirety in the MP3 format.

To hear it, you'll need

a copy of "Dead Man" mp3 in MP3 format [mp3 - 3,900K].

If you are unfamiliar with the MP3 audio format, please visit our helper applications page, which includes specific assistance for MP3 players and downloading tips.

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