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Five Horizons AOL User Guide

Since AOL is not the 'real' internet (although it gives you access to the rest of the net), its client software is designed to work best within the confines of AOL. However, once you move past that onto the net, you can run into problems.

Commercial sites usually solve this problem by creating a version of their site specifically for AOL users, re-directing AOL users to a separate server, or a combination of this and other things that mean that you generally have fewer problems. We are not a commercial site, nor do we have the means to do either of these things.

Here are the top three AOL problems, and our recommendations on how to 'fix' them:

  1. Some pages on 5h give you a 'domain security error', and shut down your computer.

    This is the biggest problem, but it's also experienced by the fewest people. There are two things you can try:

    • Removing Security Alerts:
      • Click on--MY AOL
      • Click Preferences
      • Click WWW
      • Click Security Alerts
      • Remove the alerts

      However, since this is apparently programmed into AOL, you'll have to do this each time you visit 5h.

    If this doesn't work, the only suggestion we can offer is for you to download Netscape Navigator and use it instead of the built-in AOL browser (which makes pages look like crap anyway).

  2. The main page says that you updated, but I can't see the updates.

    You need to increase the size of your browser's cache. Since the browser is built into AOL, and we don't have AOL, we can't give you step by step instructions - check around on AOL (and if you can give us the step-by-step, please write and let us know).

    Others have suggested that typing the full URL every time, and not using the link in "Favorite Places", delivers an updated page. Clicking "Reload" is also a good suggestion.

  3. You can't download all of the sound files in Song X or linked from the Concert Chronology.

    First, make sure you are saving the mp3 as a file, and not trying to play it from within your browser - that seems to be the most common problem. Second, try downloading the songs in the middle of the night, before you go to sleep, on weekends - some other time than lunchtime or 6-8pm at night (when we get the most traffic, and when the internet backbone itself gets the most traffic). Other than that, sorry, we don't have any other suggestions.

    No, we don't like AOL, but if you are an AOL user who is genuinely having problems, and has done some basic work in trying to figure out how to use your computer and AOL, we are happy to help you figure out what is wrong - just write us.

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